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Wake Up With A Smile

This year has been really tough, not only have I lost three love ones due to cancer, old age, and kidney failure but I am now being bullied, I am in 8th grade so iv been around these kids for 2 years, I thought they were my friends but now they are not only verbally putting me down, they are also pushing me into walls and throwing my books to the ground.I’v cried myself to sleep for the past month but that doesn’t stop me, I stay GRAND because i fall asleep crying but wake up with a smile, i tell me self each day I am beautiful, I am worth it, I am GRAND and no one can change who I am.



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  1. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    17 April 12, 11:45pm

    everyone is beautiful in their own way. you did a good job standing GRAND and i’m sorry about your loved ones. i know how it is to be bullied and its horrible! i’m glad you are doing it the right way, cuz i didn’t do that. ( it started in 5th but got HUGE in 6th) i just cried when i got home, i even cried at school right infront of the bully! they verally put me down, spread rumors, and stometimes even pushed me to the ground. the people who did this to me were my “so called friends since elemantary”. i felt horrible and alone. i just sat next to one of my neighbors, Madi, but they just let me sit, not talk at all. they only talked to me if they wanted something from me. i felt used and freindless.it was like this till 7th grade. :’c i just want to congrat you for being strong and GRAND!

  2. Unknown
    Unknown says
    04 November 12, 8:06pm

    You are a trooper. I have been going through a hard time too. It will get better. Trust me.

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