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My Motto

Hi! StandGRAND has impacted my life and my friend’s life. It’s now my life motto, to always StandGRAND. In show choir, I have always wanted to do a solo or a duet, but I have never had the guts to audition for a part. After watching the ICONic Boyz and realizing that Being GRAND isn’t easy, I’m going to audition after Thanksgiving break. I learned from Vinny’s story that good things come to those who wait, and Vinny should earn every minute of it. StandGRAND is not only my life motto, but it’s my motivator. I close my messages with everything with StandGRAND, because it reminds me to always be the best I can be, even if it isn’t good enough that at least I gave it my all.

I just wanted to thank you for this opportunity to get to share this with you, and I also thank you for helping me find the strength to audition for a solo. Words can’t describe how much I hope the Castronovo’s and ICONic Boyz come to Iowa… That would be my dream come true. <3 So thank you once again.

Have a GRAND day.




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  1. KKcheer13
    KKcheer13 says
    07 February 12, 12:45pm

    Jaci,I tried out for a solo when I looked down and saw Stand GRAND on my hand….:) I get called choir geek so I didn’t want to try out. But when I saw at I tried out and got it. I don’t let the bullies control my choices now.

    • N@cy Alamia
      N@cy Alamia says
      22 April 12, 4:47pm

      I am glad you dont let bullied get to you! Good Luck

  2. ICONicBoylover4ever
    ICONicBoylover4ever says
    17 February 12, 12:36pm

    What if im scared :(

  3. heybroitzzmrsfusco
    marisafusco123 says
    27 March 12, 12:18am


  4. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    05 April 12, 3:06pm

    cant wait till ur birthday vin :) :D *random*

  5. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    05 April 12, 3:10pm

    i know this is random but did u ever hear of the website called “quizazz”? pws answer back
    thank you :D
    from ur biggest GRANDer: jessica feliciano
    love you

    • ecoprincess
      ecoprincess says
      17 April 12, 11:12pm
    • N@cy Alamia
      N@cy Alamia says
      22 April 12, 4:48pm

      Hi I may not be vinny but quizazz is awesome, so many GRANDerz and ICONiacz

  6. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    17 April 12, 11:17pm

    good job! same here Jaci. sign my things like emails, notes, text messages, ect. but i use “starve a bully, feed your soul” and ” if your not weird, not not GRAND” people make fun of me for liking, no LOVING, the ICONic Boyz and Vinny, but i just be the better person and ignore them. they are the ones missing out on standGRAND. so, i’m proud of ya! ;p GRANDerz just gotta keep their heads held high for Vinny, Bianca and Alessandra! <3

    • GRANDer_c3cy
      GRANDer_c3cy says
      27 August 12, 10:12pm

      Omg me too! Anyway… YOLO!!! XD

  7. GRANDer_c3cy
    GRANDer_c3cy says
    27 August 12, 10:11pm

    That’s so inspiring. It’s my life motto too, and when I’m going to come back to school from summer break, I’m going to be GRAND for the whole year because of that motto.

  8. MelelovesICONicBoyz
    MelelovesICONicBoyz says
    08 September 12, 5:13pm

    Bianca, me and you are so the same!:) It was last year and I was in the Choir and we had a A.P.P.A concert, (Thats a concert, when all the school choirs from all around of Auckland (New Zealand) get together and Sing:) and there were solos that people could audition for, so I thought to myself that I should just try out because it was my last year at school, so I did. I did try out and me and this girl and another two got into the finals for auditioning at our school, but when it came to the finals for our auditioning, My voice was crackly and I still tried my best but couldn’t make it. :LL But all I’m trying to tell you is StandGRAND and do your best! Wish you luck or hoped you did good, if you have already done it:) Have a GRAND day!

  9. MarissaIsGRAND
    MarissaIsGRAND says
    01 November 12, 10:59am

    I’m so very glad that you decided to step out of your comfort zone! You know you can do it and we all believe in you!

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