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Meaning To My Life

I’ve been through rough times as has anyone else, but you must know that your mission and everything that standing grand means to me is priceless. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You saved this once lonely girl, and showed her that standing grand can make a difference! Now I standgrand all the time! I know you all have been very busy, but I hope you all received the last letter I mailed to you! It meant alot to me(: please let me know if you have, its been killing me to know! Thank you so much(= so proud of all of you all, and just know that I plan to STANDGRAND as long as I live! Because of you, you have added even more meaning, a special meaning to my life<3 You will NEVER be replaced or forgotten! GRANDer for life
I STANDGRAND because I learned to believe in myself, and realized that my life was not a waste of time. My life had worth and value. That’s not how I felt in High School. I would get bullied and teased all the time. Everyday, there was a new joke about me going around the class! It really hurt me and I wanted to give up. I’m finally at a point where I’ve learned to love myself, and see how much precious my life really is! I am not WORTHLESS! I’m in college now, and I was determined to StandGrand this semester! And I did! I have more confidence now than I have EVER had before in my life! The whole message of STANDGRAND made me feel so valuable and priceless- like a one of a kind piece of fine china- you know the “good” plates you take out on special occasions(; It has not been an easy road, but I’ve overcome, and the people I surround myself with encourage me to standgrand everyday because they do it with me! I want to thank Vinny, you Bianca, Alessandra, and the whole Castronovo Family and any and everyone involved in the STANDGRAND movement! Know that you have changed my life forever, and have made that little girl I see in the mirror proud to say she is BEAUTIFUL. I STANDGRAND everyday, and I will not be stopped! Thank you! I love you all so so very much!<3


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  1. Rylie445 says
    15 April 12, 6:21pm

    that story really touches my heart. GRANDer 4 ever

    • BrittanyNicole
      BrittanyNicole says
      06 May 12, 8:42pm

      thank you :) GRANDer for ever

  2. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    17 April 12, 11:29pm

    i couldn’t have said it better! its exaclty how i feel! good job Brittany! GRANDerz 4eva!

    ~starve a bully, feed your soul!-Vinny~

    we will always be ther for you Vinny! XD

    • BrittanyNicole
      BrittanyNicole says
      06 June 12, 1:02pm

      Thank you very much Ecoprincess :) GRANDer love <3

  3. YaYa
    YaYa says
    01 August 12, 2:07am

    You can get get through it -3 show your love ones you can!
    Stay GRAND:)

    • BrittanyNicole
      BrittanyNicole says
      12 October 12, 12:44am

      Thank you Yaya :) )) GRANDer!

  4. Mrs.Castronovo
    Mrs.Castronovo says
    17 November 12, 4:59pm

    Wow this really touched me heart. GRANDer for life. Stand GRAND!

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