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I’ll Help Change Lives

Ive been bullied since the 5th. This one girl she used to trip me and laugh in my face when i fell and scraped my knee, she would pull my hair and run and burst out laughing like torturing me gave her pleasure.After a while it turned less physical and more verbal. I never had a place to sit at lunch id sit by myself all alone until my cousin started siting with me out of pity.The other kids would shake thier heads and turn the other way as if they would be embaressed just to stand next to me.

Kids call me stupid, nerd, ugly, fat its just cruel. Even some of my so called friends call me names! I just wish one day children will realize how mean,stupid and imiture it is to make thier peers feel bad about themselves. Stand grand has changed my life forever ive learned to ignor what those kids think of me its what i think of myself that matters. Someday soon i will find a way to help change the lives of children who get bullied and help them realize thier special and amazing just the way they are. just like Stand Grand showed me.



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  1. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    17 April 12, 11:36pm

    samething happened to me in 6th grade. I was buillied and there were rumors(very bad ones like”gay” “lesiban” “nerd” “stupid” worse!) it was to the point that i didn’t want to go to school and i would come crying home. I found out later that year my so called friends spread the rumors about me! i felt horrible only ONE person stood up for me and told them to stop it. Thanks to him they stopped and i was never bullied like that again. i’m still kind of bullied today, but i hust ignore them and remember to be the better person. I remember to standGRAND and “starve a bully, feed your soul”. Thanks to Vinny i standGRAND. Thanks Vinny! <3

  2. N@cy Alamia
    N@cy Alamia says
    24 April 12, 7:10pm

    I think you have an inspirational story, Stand GRAND!

  3. grandergurl123 says
    17 August 12, 7:39pm

    iv been bullied since 1st grade i am now in 7th and i learned 2 keep my head held high and STANDGRAND thanks to vinny and now it dont bother me so my point is keep ur head held high and dont let the negativity get to ya

  4. MarissaIsGRAND
    MarissaIsGRAND says
    01 November 12, 11:01am

    Don’t EVER listen to a word they say! You are beautiful and deserve to live in this world as much as anyone else. God put you here for a reason. & I hate that you were bullied. I hate that everyone was or is bullied. ALWAYS StandGRAND.

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