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The Voice Of Vinny

“It’s my wish that all, who have ever been, or know someone who’s been bullied, to Stand GRAND. It simply means to stand tall and high no matter what situation occurs. To always hold your head up and be proud of who YOU are. It means to listen to your heart and follow your dreams. To achieve whatever you set your mind to. It means to never let anyone stand in your way.


To Stand GRAND is to push away the negative and pull the positive closer. Don’t pay attention to the cruel and hurtful words that may come your way to try and stop, break you, and strip you of your goals. A friend once told me, “When people throw dirt at you, they are losing ground. All you have to do is shake the dirt off and pack it under your feet. The more dirt they throw, the higher you go, and you rise well above them and the situation.”


“We can Stand GRAND, to and through anything, yes even against our own fears. It is my mission to make the world GRAND.”


- Vinny Castronovo


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  1. Stay_Grand123
    Stay_Grand123 says
    08 September 11, 8:33pm

    ALways STAY GRAND Don’t Ever Change ILY ♥ ;)

  2. MsICONicGRANDer
    MsICONicGRANDer says
    08 September 11, 8:35pm

    LOVE THIS <333

  3. Meghan says
    08 September 11, 8:57pm

    This is amazing and so true <3

  4. vinny.lover2159
    08 September 11, 9:12pm

    i love you vinny!!!!! :)

  5. Cassi Nicole
    Cassi Nicole says
    08 September 11, 9:37pm

    i love u ur my insperation<3

  6. Vinnys-GRANDer
    08 September 11, 10:34pm

    that was the most inspiring thing i have ever read in my whole entire life :)

    • ecoprincess
      ecoprincess says
      16 April 12, 4:51pm

      agreed! XD

      • Mrs.Castronovo2012
        Mrs.Castronovo2012 says
        08 July 12, 9:26am

        I Agree With You On That 1 :)

  7. colleen301 says
    08 September 11, 10:49pm

    words to live by <3

  8. GRANDer4lifex3
    GRANDer4lifex3 says
    08 September 11, 10:56pm

    AWW !! i love thiss , i just read this nd i feel like crying :( ive been bullied in the past nd present but no more NOT in the future im not going 2 try nd ignore itt imaa STAND GRAND ! thank u vinny for being my inspiration :)

  9. sydneyschuuu219
    09 September 11, 12:46am

    I love this… i pretty much live by this (: STAND GRAND <3

  10. Tesserz
    Tesserz says
    09 September 11, 1:10am

    Vinny’s words of wisdom. I love this and love you!!

  11. carlasanchez
    09 September 11, 2:13am

    ahhh, omg i love you<3

  12. amber_GRANDness
    amber_GRANDness says
    09 September 11, 2:41am

    amazing, youre incredible<3

  13. Chrissie Ramos
    Chrissie Ramos says
    09 September 11, 3:43am

    These words are so GRAND, and yes i got bullied when i was in grade 3. So yes ur GRAND Vinny

  14. AutumnCastronovo
    AutumnIsGRAND says
    09 September 11, 7:56am

    Vinny, you are amazing. Defintely one of the best role models out there. You know, they say if a crush last longer than 4 months it turns into love. It’s been 5 months, therefor I love you Vinny. Forever & always.

  15. chachi <3
    daisy arbelaez says
    09 September 11, 9:39am
  16. LiannaShortiie_
    09 September 11, 11:26am

    Why yes, this is VERY amazing ((: Keep Trying to make the world GRAND Vinny ^^

  17. Paola Castronovo
    GRANDerSteph says
    09 September 11, 11:39am

    awwwwwwwe<3 i always knew that i had to Stand GRAND but this this is as inspirational as it gets love the way you trat us GRANDerz and tell us to never give up<3 i don't know how you made it through for me its been a rough 3 years since i get bullied for wanting to sing i have like 1 or 2 friend/s that encourage me but its not enough and here where i live its the place were u r least expected to become something of yourself -San Diego California, San Ysidro-

  18. ICONicGRANDer08
    09 September 11, 3:28pm

    I <3 this!! vinny is amazing and hes benn threw soo much!! i would ALWAYS go to him for advice (if he knew i exsisted)!! im like really crying :( rite now…

  19. GRANDer143
    GRANDer143 says
    09 September 11, 3:44pm

    <333 I LOVE IT :]]]

  20. Grander714
    Grander714 says
    09 September 11, 4:01pm

    <3 I will always remember this <3

  21. Mrs.GRANDman
    Mrs.GRANDman says
    09 September 11, 4:36pm

    Awww! I love this<3 Thank you Vincent for being my inspiration(:

  22. Mariah Martinez
    Mariah Martinez says
    09 September 11, 4:36pm

    Your really such a big part of our lifes..
    You make us all feel so special and this was really inspiring to read this,
    So thank you so much Vinny for showing us we all have a place in this world and also doing so much for us.

    and im pretty sure i speak on behave of the GRANDerz. <3

  23. GypsyGRANDer
    GypsyGRANDer says
    09 September 11, 5:23pm

    <3 This!!

  24. acstandsGRAND
    acstandsGRAND says
    09 September 11, 5:24pm

    AMEN! what doesnt kill you, only makes you stronger!

  25. iloveVinny478
    09 September 11, 5:32pm

    Always Stand GRAND :D D <3

  26. vinnystaysgrand
    vinnystaysgrand says
    09 September 11, 5:37pm

    Aww Vinny, so true!!

  27. Gabbby
    Gabbby says
    09 September 11, 6:06pm


  28. AmberAx3
    AmberAx3 says
    09 September 11, 7:11pm

    We will keep completing your mission vinny, for everyone around the world to STAND GRAND around the world <3

  29. KareBear
    KareBear says
    09 September 11, 7:29pm

    i love this!! you are my inspiration vinny!! i love you soo much!!

  30. SaraMEnriquez
    09 September 11, 8:29pm

    That is pure GRANDness ! (: I love it, so Vinspiring<3

  31. MarissaCastronovo
    09 September 11, 8:56pm

    wow. Most inspirational words ever! <3 You are truly my inspiratuon! :) STAND GRAND!

  32. daniellestandgrand
    daniellestandgrand says
    09 September 11, 8:59pm

    i will always think about this when i get bullied

  33. Natalie
    Natalie says
    09 September 11, 9:16pm

    Amen to that. Cause its true

  34. Chocolate
    Chocolate says
    09 September 11, 9:29pm

    Wow the same day I standed up to ALL my bullies in school….:3 I’m sooo happeh!

  35. Hannah_GRANDer
    09 September 11, 9:30pm

    Oh my Castronovo, i love this!!! You are so awesome!!! :D

  36. AlyssaTheGRANDer
    09 September 11, 9:37pm

    I’m going to “STAND GRAND” For you Vinny! :) <3

  37. DalyaCastronovo
    DalyaCastronovo says
    09 September 11, 10:03pm

    I ” STANDGRAND” for my hero…. the GRANDMAN…. Vincent Castronovo:) BTW Your friend was right:):)

  38. laurenNicole
    laurenNicole says
    09 September 11, 10:35pm

    this is really inspiring vinny <333 (:

  39. VinSoGrand says
    09 September 11, 10:51pm

    omg i LOVE you! vincent never change!

  40. yoshi
    yoshi says
    09 September 11, 11:31pm

    te amo vinny <3 :)

  41. torispeakmanisGRAND
    torispeakmanisGRAND says
    09 September 11, 11:31pm
  42. GRANDer4Liife
    GRANDer4Liife says
    10 September 11, 12:04am

    Aww, I Get Bullied For Writting Down I Wanted To Be A Pro-Dancer :( But I Wrote These Quotes Down On A Piece Of Paper And Put It In My Binder So When I’m Sad I Just Look At It And It Cheers Me Up…..(:

  43. Sienna
    Sienna says
    10 September 11, 12:08am

    Stand Grand Forever♥ (:

  44. ICONicIoneSky
    10 September 11, 1:20am

    Vinny, this is the exact reason why you’re my VINspiration. <3

  45. kimGRANDER
    kimGRANDER says
    10 September 11, 1:28am

    <3 vinny is so amazing GRANDman!(:

  46. gstandsGRAND
    gstandsGRAND says
    10 September 11, 3:10am

    i live by these words, this is like my motto<33 im standing GRAND for Vinny who will always tell me to keep my head up high<3333

  47. TheICONicGRANDer
    StephCastronovo says
    10 September 11, 3:15am

    Your such a VINspiration <3333

  48. GRANDerkaylie
    10 September 11, 9:44am

    i love this, its amazing, love you Vinny. <3

  49. GRANDerxCinderella
    10 September 11, 10:54am

    Vinny your such a VINspiration.I get bullied a lot so I know what it’s like.#StandGRAND

  50. Veena
    Veena says
    10 September 11, 11:53am
  51. kianastaysGRAND
    kianastaysGRAND says
    10 September 11, 12:13pm

    I’ll keep this in mind. <33 You make me become a little stronger every day! I love you Vincent!

  52. LizzyMata
    LizzyMata says
    10 September 11, 12:24pm

    Aww<3 this is so touching it made me want to cry!

  53. xBeYourselfx
    xBeYourselfx says
    10 September 11, 2:19pm

    This was the most inspiring thing I have EVVEERR read. LOVE YOUUU!! <3

  54. Madison'sShawty
    Madison'sShawty says
    10 September 11, 2:23pm

    This is so inspirational! Seriously Vinny, you are my 1# inspiration! You have thought me to STAND GRAND, no matter what anybody says, you just have to keep on going and never stop, till’ you reach the very top :D

  55. Jo Zabriskie
    10 September 11, 3:18pm

    Thank You Vinny, You Inspire. <3

  56. LeslieMuu
    LeslieMuu says
    10 September 11, 4:19pm

    Inspiring words! Vinny you are my inspiration! Thanks for teaching me to forget the haters and follow my dreams <3

  57. Anna<3 says
    10 September 11, 4:47pm

    omg i loved that!!! it was the most inspirational thing ive ever heard!!! i love it!!! <3

  58. _OhitsJosie
    _OhitsJosie says
    10 September 11, 4:48pm

    <3 i agree

  59. GRANDer_4eva
    GRANDer_4life says
    10 September 11, 5:23pm

    :D amazing

  60. Dennise Cardenas
    10 September 11, 6:35pm

    youre doing your job verrrry good :) <3

  61. abbz ☮
    abbz ☮ says
    10 September 11, 6:53pm

    That’s my baby :’)

  62. xICONiac143 says
    10 September 11, 7:13pm

    :O Myyy VINspirationnn < 3

  63. jaimegrandbrown1026
    jaimegrandbrown1026 says
    10 September 11, 7:31pm

    <3 I love how GRAND you are<3

  64. GRANDerCat says
    10 September 11, 7:43pm

    THIS <3

  65. mara-madnis
    mara-madnis says
    10 September 11, 8:01pm

    Standd GRANDD<3

  66. rossysalazar
    10 September 11, 9:22pm

    well said vinny. Love from Venezuela<3

  67. genie
    i.am.a.grander says
    10 September 11, 9:34pm

    i met you and you hugged me and it was like being touched by god haha

  68. MeliCastronovo
    MeliCastronovo says
    10 September 11, 10:59pm

    made me cry

  69. JablovesVinnyCastronovo3
    JablovesVinnyCastronovo3 says
    10 September 11, 11:29pm

    He is such an Inspiration!(: <3

  70. StandGRAND4Vinny
    StandGRAND4Vinny says
    11 September 11, 12:18am

    This kid is my inspirtation with outh i dont know how i could get threw school, i always have and always will Stand GRAND!!!! Thank you Vince you mean the world to me!!!

  71. i got VINNY VIRUS
    11 September 11, 1:38am

    i LOVE this <3<3<3 becouse its true :) (;

  72. tarawillstandGRAND4ever
    tarawillstandGRAND4ever says
    11 September 11, 2:28am

    aww(: this is why i love you <3

  73. jessiegrander47
    jessiegrander47 says
    11 September 11, 7:51am

    Vinny’s so amazing. I’ve always been bullied about my weight and used to cut a lot. now I’ve found the I need to “Stand Grand” and be confident in myself. Now I’m a completely different person I’m happier than I’ve ever been, the cutting has stopped, and I’ve found true friends I can trust when I’m feeling down. Still I did lose some weight but I’m too stressed over dropping weight. Vinny has totally inspired me. I <3 him.

  74. christina says
    11 September 11, 9:14am

    I love this <3 Vin your so inspirational ( really hope I spelled that right :) . )

  75. iadorevincent says
    11 September 11, 11:10am

    Vincent, I love you.<3 Your so amazing & perfect in your own way. Your so talented ad the fact that you want to change the world makes you even more amazing (: Stand GRAND. -Bailey<3

  76. AubrieLovesVinny
    AubrieLovesVinny says
    11 September 11, 11:30am

    Stand GRAND!

  77. GRANDer1328
    GRANDer1328 says
    11 September 11, 11:56am

    Vincent, you are a TRUE inspiration. You inspire me to follow my dreams and never give up on my dreams. Some people at my school bother me and tell me that im dumb but i ALWAYS Stand GRAND and ignore the haters. Haters are people who are just jealous of you.. HATERS ARE YOUR MOTIVATORS IN DISGUISE.

    I Love You Vincent..

  78. GRAND_CHICK says
    11 September 11, 12:56pm

    The most wonderful saying in the world. My friends don`t belive that Stand GRAND is inspirational. I prove them wrong because I changed one of them.

  79. FuNSizeJennaVIG
    FuNSizeJennaVIG says
    11 September 11, 2:32pm

    this is just a really good mission all your GRANDerx will help u complete the GRAND mission! always stay like this vin promise us u will never change!:]]

  80. ICONKailee
    ICONKailee says
    11 September 11, 2:50pm

    Amen to that<3 Stand Grand and make this world a better place<3 Love you vinny<3

  81. BELLA♥
    BELLA♥ says
    11 September 11, 2:54pm

    i absolutely love this. Vinny wants to change the world and the way people act one by one. Vinny is truly an amazing person for that. If we simply stand up for ourselves we do stand GRAND.

  82. SweetieC
    SweetieC says
    11 September 11, 5:38pm

    LOVE THIS! [:

  83. eliana
    eliana says
    11 September 11, 7:04pm

    you have changed my life completely before i even new you this one specific boy would pick on me every day because of my weight! :( but ever sense you came along u have inspired me to stand grand! and the boy who picked on me is really nice to me now but he isnt really my friend for wat he did before but every one deserves a second chance <3

  84. GRANDSandra
    GRANDSandra says
    11 September 11, 7:22pm

    Holy GRANDness! That was so inspiring :’) STANDING GRAND FOREVER VIN! :D

  85. Mrs.GRANDerLexi12
    Mrs.GRANDerLexi12 says
    11 September 11, 8:11pm

    Vinny Is Amazing In Every Way ♥ You Have Changed My WHOLE Life .

  86. 907GRANDerREPPIN
    11 September 11, 8:38pm

    Standin’ GRAND.

  87. ICONDeVyN
    ICONDeVyN says
    11 September 11, 8:48pm

    dude, vinny is very inspiring. he’s awesome! :)

  88. nikki_nikko
    nikki_nikko says
    11 September 11, 9:53pm

    Thats all true ! :) ) STANDING GRAND FOREVER !!! :) ))

  89. 'Nannys';;*
    Nannys says
    11 September 11, 11:29pm

    I Think That Vinny Is A Big Inspiration To All Of Us Who Have Dreams In Beinq Like He Is Right Now An’ It Is Really Gud He Says Alot Of These Amazing Thinqs That Makes All Of His GRANDerz Put A Smile On There Face When There Feeling Down And Now That Hes Like The Biggest Inspiration,Romodel,Annd An Awsome Dancer, Then That Just Goes Back Tuu All The People That Would Make Fun of Him… Well You Knoe Wut If Any Of Those Bullys Saw Vinny In The Streets I Bet They Wud Keep Their Mouth Shut!!!!;;* <3

  90. MyFutureHusband
    MyFutureHusband says
    12 September 11, 4:54pm

    this is so true and inspiring! ;) everyone needs to stand grand! and help make the world a GRANDer place :D

  91. Emily Trnka says
    12 September 11, 5:07pm

    the words i live by!! :) Vinny is such an inspiration STAY GRAND!!!!!

  92. Grandgirl247
    Grandgirl247 says
    12 September 11, 5:52pm

    ive been bullied about the way i look thanx for the advice vinny STAND GRAND <3

  93. 12 September 11, 7:40pm

    i <3 you Vinny !!!! i live by thouse words…vinny ur such an insparation 2 all people arounf the world you tought us to stay strong no matter how bad the situation is and u tought us to go 4 are dreams………if it wast 4 you i dont know what i would do…because peole alwasy used to tell me that me and my dance crew would never ever make it on ABDC and now we are trying out 4 ABDC because of u………….i <3 u so muchhh vinnny

  94. Liz
    Liz says
    12 September 11, 7:46pm
  95. Marina Castronovo
    Marina Castronovo says
    12 September 11, 7:49pm

    Vinny you are my inspiration, my life, you set the goals i want to meet. I love you so much and you inspire me more and more everyday and nothing can change that. my goal this year is to STAND GRAND above my fears and Come out of my situation a new person using your Knowledge and words of wisdom! Love you <3333
    -Marina Castronovo

  96. Chocolate
    Chocolate says
    12 September 11, 8:20pm

    ‎”A friend once told me that when people throw dirt on you,they are losing the ground. All you have to do is shake the dirt off and pack it under your feet. The more dirt they throw,the higher you go,and you rise well above them and the situation”

    THOSE WORDS! I almost cried I LOVE LOVE LOVE those words It just makes me seem stronger than my bullies…

  97. Christine Travis
    12 September 11, 9:10pm

    Vinny, you’re such an inspiration :)

  98. Grand.Nutella.Monster
    Grand.Nutella.Monster says
    12 September 11, 9:40pm

    I wall Always STAND GRAND .
    And Not wast My times On Bullies <33

  99. Dell
    Dell says
    12 September 11, 10:00pm

    Ahh…. Vinny is so wise :) Which is the reason why love him? Ahha… I’ve never let myself get bullied but I feel sorry for the *bleep*s Vinny showed wrong ;) Ahh, Vinny. The name makes me smile :) <3

  100. PAULINA says
    12 September 11, 10:10pm

    vinny i want to met u come back to los angles please VINNY I LOVE U I HOPE U BEOME MY FUTURE HUSBAND

  101. IvonneGRANDest says
    12 September 11, 11:20pm

    Thtas Why I Love You! :)

  102. GrandCarsyn143
    13 September 11, 5:04pm

    Always Stand Grand..thats what got me through all the bullying, now I don’t get bullied anymore:)! <3

  103. TheRebecaBravo
    TheRebecaBravo says
    13 September 11, 6:39pm

    I have no doubt in my mind that you’re going to change the world. You’ve arleady changed my life and a thousand of others too (: We can learn a lot from you Vinny. I think of everything you conquered and…it’s like someone gave me something to lift my heart up and to motivate me to reach higher and higher. To achieve whatever I want no matter what people say to stop me. Some inpirations inspire you to fend off bullies, some make you feel like you can do anything. But YOU make me GRAND. I CAN rise above what anyone tells me I can’t do. I WON’T ever tell anyone what they can or can’t do. I will ALWAYS stand GRAND. Because that’s what you taught me to do. And it’s what I’ve grown to love you for. (:

  104. GRANDtastic
    GRANDtastic says
    13 September 11, 7:30pm

    True … GRANDers Need 2 Make It a GRANDer Place 4r Others :)

  105. VinsGRANDerAnna
    VinsGRANDerAnna says
    14 September 11, 1:05am

    Ur amazing!:) stand GRAND<3

  106. CassidyCastronovo97
    CassidyCastronovo97 says
    14 September 11, 3:27pm

    This is greattt . (:

  107. Natalie
    Natalie says
    14 September 11, 4:45pm


    14 September 11, 7:36pm

    this is what i live by…and will always will live by love ya vinny you GRAND man!!! ;)

  109. -AlwaysGRAND
    GRANDfamilyForever says
    14 September 11, 8:17pm

    that is why you are VINsprirational!!! <3 :) )

  110. Evelynne
    Evelynne says
    14 September 11, 8:51pm

    Vinnyy This Iss Thee Reason why yuhh Aree Maa Biggest Inspiration! I Lovee Yuhh♥

  111. jayysauruss
    jayysauruss says
    14 September 11, 10:06pm

    Vinny inspires us to be grand <3

  112. sammie
    sammie says
    14 September 11, 10:23pm

    been tryin 2 get through things…. Vinny, thank you so much for being there for me, even if you have no idea who i am, youve changed my life so much. Its just kinda sad to know tthat your such a big part of life but im such a s,all part of yours. But still, thank you for being my inspiration and role model <333 God bless :D

  113. mrs.mara99
    mrs.mara99 says
    15 September 11, 6:03pm

    Hey vinny thanks for inspiring me to write an amazing song based on stand grad! my friends gonna give it to you when she meeets u on friday nxt week! thx sooo much hope u lik it

    Be ICONic and Stand Grand<3

  114. ari_luvsvinny
    ari_luvsvinny says
    15 September 11, 7:46pm

    vin tht was inspiring thnx . ur my insperation and role model i wish the best for u godbless you vin :)


  115. ari_luvsvinny
    ari_luvsvinny says
    15 September 11, 7:47pm

    luv yahh man

  116. 15 September 11, 9:13pm

    awhhhh this made me smile :) :) i love you vinny!!!! <3

    15 September 11, 11:50pm

    This message go on tumblr. This made me smile :) Ur so #GRAND Vinny :) ) I love you <3

  118. SydniCastronovo
    SydniCastronovo says
    16 September 11, 4:16pm

    Your My Inspiration Vincenttt<33

  119. VinnyFan_GRANDer
    16 September 11, 8:48pm

    What a awesome way to put everything! I loved it (: It made me feel even GRANDer than the people that have bullied me all these years <3 & i thank Vinny Castronovo for that!

  120. GRANDerzRule__
    GRANDerzRule__ says
    17 September 11, 5:03pm

    Amazing <33

  121. BlueRangerO3
    BlueRangerO3 says
    17 September 11, 6:33pm

    Awe!(: I love it.<3 It made me smile.(:
    Thanks for inspiring me && everyone eles! Your one GRANDman!!(:
    I love youu Vinny!!<3

  122. sarah_liz21
    sarah_liz21 says
    17 September 11, 9:35pm

    It takes guts to be able to say such inspirational things that so many people now live by and I know that Vinny gives such good advise because he didnt have the easiest times growing up with bullies but he stayed GRAND and its because of his past that he is so inspirational and the Vinny we love today. Vinny is my idol and I love him to death such an inspiration and he should be proud of how GRAND he is :) <3 LOVE YOU CASTRONOVO

  123. beccster49
    beccster49 says
    17 September 11, 9:47pm

    this is amazing<3 you'll always be my hero and inspiration, Vinny! stand GRAND<3

  124. Kitty Castronovo says
    18 September 11, 2:36am

    :’) I will forever Stand GRAND. You are one of my biggest inspirations. You are truly amazing and incredible in every single way.

  125. joanna says
    18 September 11, 10:40am

    This made me smile :) I love you Vinny! Stand GRAND <3 you'll ALWAYS be my VIN-spiration :D

  126. michelle castronovo says
    18 September 11, 12:59pm

    LOVE YOU VIN <3 !
    i will always be a GRANDer !

  127. mariastandsgrand
    mariastandsgrand says
    18 September 11, 2:09pm

    omg i teared up (“: Vincent your just amazing .

  128. GRAND_addi
    GRAND_addi says
    18 September 11, 3:32pm

    “When people throw dirt at you they are losing ground.” Love this! Thanks for being an inspiration Vinny and I will always know how to Stand GRAND thanks to you and your family. I will never forget who it is that inspires me, who it is that taught me everything, who it is that made me stronger, and who it is that taught me to STAND GRAND…Vincent Castronovo!

  129. Zoe
    Zoe says
    18 September 11, 6:43pm

    This is wat i go by to start off my day. i always stay GRAND no matter wat! i even made my teachers/friends/family read this nd they thought it was inspirational<3 Vinny is my biggest inspriation! STAND GRAND <3

  130. GRANDman4ever12
    GRANDman4ever12 says
    18 September 11, 7:28pm

    Always Stand GRAND!<33333

  131. GRANDman4ever12
    GRANDman4ever12 says
    18 September 11, 7:29pm

    Vinny is an ipspirational GRAND person<3333

  132. stasiagiannelli
    stasiagiannelli says
    18 September 11, 8:02pm

    so true….

  133. Nance says
    18 September 11, 8:12pm

    I will ALWAYS Stand GRAND no matter what happens in the future or in reality!! <3 Stand GRAND!! :)

  134. MariSs
    MariSs says
    18 September 11, 8:28pm

    heyy :) love you :) ) STAND GRAND <33

  135. Ravina Castronovo;)
    Ravina Castronovo;) says
    18 September 11, 11:33pm

    Awhhhh…Vinny! You make my day EVERY SINGLE DAY!! To know that you believed so much made me want to believe in myself. It’s not like I haven’t before, it’s just not as much. Now, I’ll do ANYTHING to be what I want to. Thanks, for EVERYTHING! I will STAND GRAND for life, for I AM your wife! Haha…that rhymed!! Did you know that our relationship is so secret that not even you know about it? Haha…now well you do. Anyway, I hope you continue to inspire more kids and I LOVE CHUUU!!!:):):):)

  136. MaddieSaxe says
    19 September 11, 3:45pm

    Aww Thats touching!

  137. TrixieColeen
    TrixieColeen says
    19 September 11, 11:45pm

    This is AMAZING <3 so truee :) love you :)

  138. GirlGrander
    GirlGrander says
    20 September 11, 1:56pm

    Wooow ! You’re Amazing! all of this beauty words that you write here, introduce to my heart ! All of this is true :D
    Really u r amazing Vinny i rally love you and ALWAYS im going to StandGrand ^^ ! You are Perfect <3 Thanx for be my inspiration (: Love You <3

  139. Vianca TrueGrander
    Vianca TrueGrander says
    20 September 11, 8:30pm

    YEAA !! :) I have benn bullied but now guess wat am taller than them :) love u vinny datz how u inspired mehh <3 love u so much <3

  140. GRANDiconicGIRL
    GRANDiconicGIRL says
    20 September 11, 8:51pm

    Wooow! Those words are VINspiration words :) Everyday i’m gonna say that saying to myself and others! I literally had a tear, reading that saying. All is true, and GRAND! Love you <3 :)

  141. 21 September 11, 7:13pm

    This saying and the saying Starve a bully Feed your soul helped me alot when I was in a fight with this guy because he was being mean to my friend soo I was standing up for her!! He started trying to tear me down but I just STANDED GRAND and didnt let his words get to me!! Before I really knew your story I was getting bullied over Facebook by what I thought who was my friend just because he thought I was being annoying but I wasnt mean to him and he wouldnt tell me why he was treating me like I dodnt have any feelings then I got soo mad at him I started to fight back and I went upstairs by myself and just cryed on my balcony I didnt know why I was getting treated that way!! but then I heard about you and your inspiring amazing story and the next time we got in a fight and he was being mean I was thinking of you Vinny in my head!!
    You and Jesus Christ help me get through ruff and tuff times!! <3 :) )) StandGrand

    • Unknown
      Unknown says
      07 January 13, 9:40pm

      Cenzo and God have helped me through my depression too. You go, hun! You’ve been strong! Always remember that there will ALWAYS be someone, besides Jesus, who will always be there for you.

  142. CrystalCastroFuscoMara
    CrystalCastroFuscoMara says
    21 September 11, 9:54pm

    Stand GRAND Like the Grand Man! :)

  143. Tammy
    Tammy says
    21 September 11, 10:52pm

    :) YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!!!

  144. JordanThegrander60
    22 September 11, 9:21am

    STANDGRAND!!!!!! I <3 all u guys!!!!

  145. Steff GRANDer
    Steff GRANDer says
    22 September 11, 5:16pm

    Your so vINSPIRING to me and to many others(: I love you<3

  146. GranderBeautyAngelxx
    GranderBeautyAngelxx says
    22 September 11, 7:37pm

    GRANDer for life i lvoe you vincent castronovo<333

  147. Conniexoxo
    Conniexoxo says
    23 September 11, 6:01pm

    yeah! that’s my GRANDman! (: <3

  148. Maria
    Maria says
    23 September 11, 10:00pm

    wow Vinny i think i almost cried… i love you <3

  149. MoanaNutella
    24 September 11, 5:25am

    You are right
    iloveyou <3 :)

  150. Imani Castronovo
    Imani Castronovo says
    24 September 11, 12:50pm

    So True :) i love You Vinny <3 :)

  151. LornaisGRAND says
    24 September 11, 4:25pm

    I stand GRAND whenever there’s a chance for me to. I stand GRAND in any situation because of Vinny. <3 :)

  152. sammie
    sammie says
    24 September 11, 5:20pm

    vinny, i know you hardly know or care about me, but you are my inspiration. you helped me when no one else would, so thank you so much for being who you are <3 dont ever change :)

  153. Mady Rolfes
    Mady Rolfes says
    24 September 11, 7:11pm

    Wow i just got tears ive been bullied and been put down but i will always remember your words and STAND GRAND :) thanx so much <3

  154. DaynaRae
    DaynaRae says
    24 September 11, 9:58pm

    Awweee I cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Vincent!

  155. jazzyGrand
    jazzyGrand says
    25 September 11, 6:48am

    Vincent is such inspiration! I love him! he’s my Vinspiration!

  156. Heather812
    Heather812 says
    25 September 11, 11:10am


  157. ICONicSpagetti
    25 September 11, 7:39pm

    Your The Most GRANDest Guy i Know And Your SUCH a Insperation to us u just dont understand <3

  158. Ruby
    Ruby says
    26 September 11, 7:08pm

    i’m am going to standGRAND for life =D

  159. ashleyGRANDER
    ashleyGRANDER says
    26 September 11, 7:25pm

    always stay GRAND nvr change u r an awesome preson! <3 :)

  160. pacheco says
    26 September 11, 8:35pm

    always stay grand <3

  161. GRANDgal
    GRANDgal says
    27 September 11, 10:16pm

    Starve a Bully Feed a Soul! STAND GRAND!!! =D

  162. erin
    erin says
    28 September 11, 7:42pm


  163. Ash-Mrs.Castronovo
    Ash-Mrs.Castronovo says
    29 September 11, 10:15am

    i love you vinny!!

  164. Nivani_123
    Nivani_123 says
    29 September 11, 1:56pm


  165. Gigglez08
    Gigglez08 says
    29 September 11, 2:46pm

    STAND GRAND!!!(:

  166. sarah_liz21
    sarah_liz21 says
    29 September 11, 3:33pm

    I love you Vinny!! follow me on twitter @Sarah_liz21 Stand GRAND!!!!!

  167. WAICONiac(Crista<3)
    WAICONiac(Crista<3) says
    29 September 11, 9:17pm


  168. loveeinsanee_
    29 September 11, 9:32pm

    lovee you vinny you let me know i can stand tall and forget about the bullies and be me be GRAND thank you

  169. booboobear121
    booboobear121 says
    30 September 11, 9:28pm

    Always stay GAND!!! never let a bully get u down, it will just go to show that you can always, be strong :)

  170. vinnycastronovoluv4eva says
    30 September 11, 9:33pm

    hi vinny very wise words i get bbulllied all the time and i tell them im just gonna STAND GRAND and they dont even know what im talking about anyway ILY

  171. GRAND_Diana
    01 October 11, 8:30pm

    I love this! Always StandGRAND! <33

  172. ashleyGRANDER
    ashleyGRANDER says
    02 October 11, 5:01pm

    luv u vinny <3 stand grand and stay grand u hav inspired me 2 follow my drwams!! :)

  173. Gina|♥| Got GRAND Swag™
    Gina Marie G says
    03 October 11, 6:21pm

    Forever And Always Vinny ♥

  174. Deja Castronovo
    Deja Castronovo says
    03 October 11, 8:21pm


  175. Oliviaa:) Castronovo
    05 October 11, 8:30pm

    ily<33 u inspire me to stand up to all those bullies and that makes me feeel good and proud of myself.. thank u sooo much! :*

  176. giggles2 says
    06 October 11, 7:57pm

    this is awsum i luv u so much vinny!!

  177. BeenVINspired says
    06 October 11, 11:35pm

    Wow. Just wow. I’ve been left speechless by Vinny. He’s been such an inspiration to me. You don’t know half the things I’ve been through in my life, and I know they’re not over just yet. Thank you Vinny. I’ve DEFINITELY been VINspired(:

  178. bb
    07 October 11, 8:31am

    My Hero<3

  179. juana.baires
    07 October 11, 8:48am

    ahhh your so inpriring! i love you <3 i really want to go to Jersey! ahh :) you are DERINITELY inprising

  180. alexis
    alexis says
    07 October 11, 10:15am

    vinny your amazing and i dont know why someone would ever even think of bully someone as strong and caring as you are<3 love always and foreve!!(:<33r

  181. GRANDerByHeartx3
    GRANDerByHeartx3 says
    07 October 11, 10:53pm

    I’ve been GRANDLY VIN – spired.<3 (:

  182. GRANDerz4lifee
    08 October 11, 2:05pm

    This is so true <3 This is so inspiring. i love you Vinny. Stand GRAND.!

  183. VinnysSexySwagg
    VinnysSexySwagg says
    09 October 11, 1:47am

    love thissss <333333

  184. Jade Castronovo
    Jade Dove says
    09 October 11, 2:58pm

    Always follow your dreams cause you never know when someones going to try to tear your dream apart. STAY GRAND VINNY cause I know I AM!!!!! <3

  185. Jay <3
    Jay <3 says
    09 October 11, 3:07pm

    so true <3 and im glad we can share this amazing world with you vinny!! <3 even if ur so far away <3 love you vin <3

  186. Jay <3
    Jay <3 says
    09 October 11, 3:09pm

    vin you are my idol….ur advice about everything has helped me so much…when im sad i watch u dance..and i feel so much better…without you..i most likely wouldnt be here..so im soo thankful to you…i owe you soo much…u saved me from sooo much…and when im being bullied…i just walk away..or stand up for myself…so thank you so much :’) <3 i love you vin just like all ur GRANDerz

  187. Andrea is GRAND!
    Andrea is GRAND! says
    09 October 11, 4:05pm

    Your completely right<3 Vinny your my vINSPIRATION!!! Stand GRAND.<3

  188. isidora
    isidora says
    09 October 11, 10:01pm

    I know so much people that have been bullied! Its really sad it can change your life you are an inspiration!

  189. Katie
    Katie says
    09 October 11, 11:15pm

    Every little word that Vinny Castronovo has said is so true and i will stay GRAND forever :)

  190. De La Torre
    De La Torre says
    10 October 11, 11:16am

    Awee! Youu AreeThee Most Inspiring Person In The World! :D

  191. ICONicGRANDER013 says
    10 October 11, 2:02pm

    I love this!(: soooo GRAND nd soo true!! Ur my vinspiration Vinny!!

  192. Lexi
    Lexi says
    10 October 11, 8:19pm


  193. Graander_Kim(:
    Graander_Kim(: says
    10 October 11, 9:50pm

    Cutest thing EVER <3
    You are such an inspiration!
    I will ALWAYS StandGRAND! :D
    I LOVE YOU VINNY ! <3333333

  194. MindlesslyGRAND14
    MindlesslyGRAND14 says
    13 October 11, 4:00pm

    Your Words Has Let Me Reach Better In Life!
    ily Vinny Stand GRAND!

  195. frogwhat
    frogwhat says
    14 October 11, 7:40pm

    people may laugh at me because i am different. But i laugh at them because they are just like everyone else. <– i thought of this when i read " be proud of who YOU are" and i thought i might share it with you.

  196. Coley
    Coley says
    15 October 11, 4:04pm

    The BEST or GRANDest thing ever.

  197. MARloveVINNY says
    15 October 11, 7:05pm

    that was so inspiering specially in my life my life has not been the easyest i can have i am from mexico and ive lost my dad and we have been in a pretty bad situatin in mexico and it feels like we are just going down so i will always STANDGRAND no matter what ……

    te quiero (love u)

  198. SimplyMallari24
    15 October 11, 11:41pm

    This means so much to GRANDerz everywhere ! Your truely GRAND Vincent ! <3 (:

  199. danielle scherillo
    danielle scherillo says
    16 October 11, 11:50am

    aw i love this vin you always know what to say and its always just so GRAND

  200. GRAND.forever&always
    StandGRAND<3 says
    16 October 11, 3:04pm

    Vinny I am so glad that you stayed GRAND even though it must have been extremely hard! =) We all love you and we always will! <3 Being a dancer myself for the past 10 years (so since I was 4) I know some of the mean things that people come up with to say…but after seeing you I realized that they were only jealous of all of my GRANDness! I look up to you like so many others, you are my biggest inspiration.

  201. alohaaxgranderz
    alohaaxgranderz says
    16 October 11, 5:34pm

    Vinny, you are so awesome !! Stand Grand :D

  202. eRiN.o6
    eRiN.o6 says
    16 October 11, 6:57pm

    thank you vinny, this really inspires me to not only stand GRAND myself, but to help others stand GRAND, too.

  203. JillGarcia
    JillGarcia says
    16 October 11, 9:07pm

    nice(: i’ve dealt with bullying thanks to stereotypes and it used to kill me to go to school. now, i just ignore what they say, and move along.

  204. *GRANDforLife*
    Stay Grand....Stay Iconic Forever says
    16 October 11, 11:01pm

    I love you Vinny!!!!! You’re such an inspiration to kids everywhere! Including me! You proved that no matter how young you are you can always follow and make your dreams come true!!! Even when others would try to pull you down and make fun of you, you would keep your head held high and stay strong and proved you can do anything! You know how to always STAY GRAND

  205. Im Grand Too
    Im Grand Too says
    17 October 11, 12:37am

    Stay Grand Vinny And Thnkz Fer All The Positives U’ve GIven Ur GRANDerz THnx

  206. Im Grand Too
    Im Grand Too says
    17 October 11, 9:48pm

    Yeah Buddie

  207. GRANDsistahh
    GRANDsistahh says
    18 October 11, 12:33pm

    i heart you<3

  208. Bianca Castronovo. <3
    Bianca Castronovo. <3 says
    18 October 11, 9:33pm

    Vinny, this is incredible. & i love it! it all make’s sense now… you’re amazing. <3

  209. maddy billybob
    maddy billybob says
    19 October 11, 7:25pm

    truly inspiring

  210. ArchiGRAND
    ArchiGRAND says
    23 October 11, 2:36am

    Stand#GRAND.!! {{{33

  211. Vinny0625
    Vinny0625 says
    23 October 11, 3:16am

    ily VInny ur soo inpsiring <3 :)

  212. jordanlovesvinny
    24 October 11, 4:34pm

    love these quotes <3 :*

  213. 143vinny
    143vinny says
    24 October 11, 4:48pm

    omgg vinny you are inspiring other people and I hope that every bully in the world hears your message and stop :)

  214. *GRANDforLife*
    *I'mGRANDforLife* says
    24 October 11, 11:24pm

    Vinny you are such an inspiration to me and other kids and I hope that we can all come together to Stand GRAND and put an end to bullying!!!! :D Love ya lots Vinny!!!!(:

  215. yadira castronovo97
    yadira castronovo97 says
    28 October 11, 9:13am

    vinny your such an inspiration to me and when you smile it lights up the world, my face, and everything else.!! ILY soo much!!(see if you can translate this) ”te quiero mucho!”

  216. NATY C
    NATY C says
    30 October 11, 12:35pm


  217. 02 November 11, 5:18pm

    I Love This! I love how Vincent takes the time to think of these inspiring words and put them to inspiration! Vinny, You are truly amazing! I love you<3 (:

  218. Rachel_Bracelets44
    Rachel_Bracelets44 says
    02 November 11, 6:35pm

    Best Quotes Ever ! ;Love this <3 (:

  219. NATY C
    NATY C says
    03 November 11, 8:52pm


  220. Sunniie
    Sunniie says
    04 November 11, 4:06pm

    i love that quote!!!! Its the best quote that i’ve ever heard )

  221. GrandIsSexy
    GrandIsSexy says
    05 November 11, 12:45am

    Chenzo, you are truely the best person that has ever layed a foot on this planet.. you and your family. you have a beautiful and amazing family! I was bullied too, but once you came along, and showed me that i am more than what they say, i am more then what the think i am, i started over. i stand grand now. words cannot explain the amount of insperation you let off each and every day, its like sweat for you. Thank you Vincent, for being the person that helped me stand up when i fell, who helped me realize that i can be whatever i want to be and i dont need other people’s confermation, thank you for making realize that i am worth something here, and i am not just some piece of dust that can be swept off with a swiffer sweeper. Honestly, you have changed my life, and without you, i dont think i would be where i am today.
    you dont even realize how much you impacted so many people’s lives. you dont realize how much you mean to people. without you half of the people commenting on these would probubly not even be here right now, and yeah, thats sad, but thats what society has come to. i am not one of those fangirls who are going to come to your house or who have your phone number. i am symply here to thankyou for everything. i am here to show you that people care more than you think.. which i am SURE you can tell from all of that ^^ but im just saying.
    i wana thank all of the Castronovo’s. Vincent for all of that good stuff^^. Alessandra for your song “Beautiful You.” i write it on my hand when i am having a bad day, and suddenly i turn the bad into good. you are like the Good Which or something.. you are magic. thank you. Bianca for your entertainment. you are hilarious whether you know it or not:>) and Mr. and Mrs. Castronovo for bringing these lovely people into this world..
    I’ll be shoulder shining my triangle face off if you need me:>)

    • Unknown
      Unknown says
      07 January 13, 9:41pm

      I second this.

      You’ve been strong.

  222. vinnyismyinspiration
    vinnyismyinspiration says
    06 November 11, 7:24am

    i love u vinny

  223. Nicoco10910
    Nicoco10910 says
    06 November 11, 6:48pm

    You are such an inspiration! <3 ILY!!:D

  224. Bridget says
    08 November 11, 5:29pm

    Thanks!!!! Vinny i will stand grand!!! you are my inspirartion it’s the only reason that now i take dance classes it’s really fun im a junior and my dance teacher tells me that im really good and that he put me in the senior class but the seniors frighten me!!! (lol)

  225. BrittanyNicole
    BrittanyNicole says
    09 November 11, 9:44am

    STANDGRAND is a powerful force, and I’m glad to be a part of it!<3

  226. ICONicMakayla
    09 November 11, 2:54pm

    Follow This and you can achieve in higher thing! <3
    Well said Vinny

    • jasmika123
      jasmika123 says
      21 November 11, 6:00pm


  227. grandapril0718 says
    10 November 11, 7:33pm

    Vinny Your a great person! Always remember to STAND GRAND!

  228. Sandra
    Sandra says
    13 November 11, 11:32pm

    Because of Vincent, I always Stand GRAND! =)

  229. Flo<3'sVinny!
    18 November 11, 3:22pm

    ”Stand GRAND” is my motto.
    I live by these two words<3
    Thank you Vinny (:

  230. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    20 November 11, 8:51am

    awwww<3 thats why i love you<3<3<3<3<3<3

  231. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    20 November 11, 8:56am

    because of vincent, i always stand grand =D :)

  232. bubbatuel
    bubbatuel says
    20 November 11, 9:09pm

    because of The castronovo family i STAND GRAND

  233. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    21 November 11, 5:53pm

    love u guys!you guys are soooo grand!your the reason i stand GRAND!:)

  234. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    21 November 11, 6:04pm


  235. Hannah B0-Banana ( :
    Hannah B0-Banana ( : says
    21 November 11, 6:07pm

    Sooo beautiful ( : Thanks for awsome advice Vincent . I know many people told you this, but you inspired sooo many people . People who are being bullied, & people who arent . Your dancing is amazing & so are your quotes . Never stop what your doing . Everyone loves what you do ( : Thanks soo much Vinny .

  236. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    21 November 11, 6:14pm


  237. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    23 November 11, 4:52pm

    vinny i have a question please answer back im not the only one that wants to know proably other people want know to ok heres my question have you ever been in a relationship with nicolette fusco or zan please answer back:[

    • abuela says
      24 November 11, 8:01am

      No. We are friends as well as our families are friends

      • jasmika123
        jasmika123 says
        25 November 11, 3:41pm

        oh just wanted to know

      • jasmika123
        jasmika123 says
        25 December 11, 1:54pm

        STAND GRAND!!!!<3

      • jasmika123
        jasmika123 says
        19 March 12, 11:54am

        have u ever had a girlfriend vinny?!? please answer back!<3

  238. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    25 November 11, 4:45pm

    i love your saying vinny starve a bully feed your soul stand grand its a saying i will always follow=) you are so hot vincent jr every time i see new pics of you my heart gets bigger and bigger i will and always love you

  239. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    25 November 11, 5:10pm

    i have a question vinny can you PLEASE COME TO BELLIVILLE?

  240. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    26 November 11, 2:22pm

    i love u so much vin. your biggest GRANDer ever.

  241. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    26 November 11, 2:26pm

    I love the castronovos! you guys are so GRAND! from your biggest GRANDer kaitlyn. xoxo. stand GRAND(:

  242. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    26 November 11, 2:49pm

    vincent jr your are making the world a better place your making everyone stand up to themself everybody loves you (mostley girls love you) you inspired many and many people mostley me your # 1 fan jasmine i love you forever your are so hot your saying is so cool i love it starve a bully feed your soul stand GRAND you are the person that every one will follow your saying starve a bully feed your soul stand GRAND i love you and your family you did the right thing when you followed your dream to be a dancer and you inspired people to follow there dream now that i heard what you said now me and my sisters and friends want to take dancing when we get to highschool we love to dance now we dance in school when its almost summer at the end of the year i love you vincent jr you will always be my role model i love you forever=) love your # 1 GRANDer that will always love you jasmine isabella feliciano i cant wait to meet you and your family one day i love you=) i will never ever forget you and your family i love you guys forever=) you guys rock=)

  243. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    26 November 11, 2:58pm

    i love that u accomplished ur dreams and did not listen to those bullies.now everyone can make there dreams come true.like me (jessica) i always wanted to be a dancer.and my sisters and friends too.ur the best dancer EVER.i love u.you will always be a star in my eyes.ur # 1 GRANDer jessica feliciano.

  244. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    27 November 11, 12:17pm

    you are my hero vinny<3

  245. Gina|♥| Got GRAND Swag™
    27 November 11, 1:35pm

    I Love This…This Is The Reason Why So Many People Look Up To You! Not Many Guys Would Be WIlling To Speak Out, And That’s What Makes You So Grand♥

  246. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    27 November 11, 5:06pm

    I <3 the castronovos

  247. Alyssa Cortez
    28 November 11, 7:47pm

    you always say the most amazing things!!! I LOVE U VINNY!!!

  248. STARBURST14 says
    01 December 11, 7:35pm

    awwwwwwwww you alwayz say the best things to make everyone feel good of themselfs you are so grand and thats why everyone loves you vinny castronovo always and forever <3<3<3<3my grand man always and forever<3<3<3stay grand vinny<3<3<3<3<3!!!!!!!

    • GRANDer<3
      GRANDer<3 says
      26 January 12, 4:40pm

      i totally agree he is an inspiration to us all!!!!

  249. tc123
    tc123 says
    02 December 11, 11:00pm

    i will stand grand forever ily forever vinny i miss u as the kindergarden buddy

  250. Vin Lover
    Vin Lover says
    03 December 11, 5:27pm

    wow VINNY is so AMAZING x)

  251. hey_its_arlyn
    03 December 11, 11:06pm


  252. Naida
    Naida says
    05 December 11, 5:22pm

    i Will Always STAND GRAND !-♥

  253. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    07 December 11, 3:55pm

    i love to stand grand.i will always stand grand no matter how tough it gets.

  254. NeenzCastronovo13 says
    10 December 11, 5:24pm

    LOve you Vin and i tell all my friends and family to stand GRAND

  255. GranderTillDeath
    GranderTillDeath says
    24 December 11, 10:21am

    Your Friends is amazing, this entire page is one of the most inspirational things I have ever read <3

  256. x_loveforvincent
    27 December 11, 4:08am

    OMG i love this! <3 Stand GRAND y'all!

  257. beGRANDstandGRAND
    beGRANDstandGRAND says
    28 December 11, 2:35am


  258. Male Smile says
    30 December 11, 12:47pm

    Yo are the best Vinny Castronovo :D

  259. candice hayden
    candice hayden says
    01 January 12, 2:02pm

    I am now a GRANDer. Vinny is an amazing person, who i one day hope to meet.
    WEOOO I’m standing GRAND :D D

  260. GRANDer4lifevc.
    GRANDer4lifevc. says
    01 January 12, 10:19pm

    Made me TearyD’: lol i love you vinny i hope your dreams come true. your the best and inspire thousands. (GRANDer4life)<3

  261. TabbyC.
    TabbyC. says
    04 January 12, 6:18pm

    Stand GRAND <3

  262. Nichole
    Nichole says
    07 January 12, 4:37pm


  263. Sunshine!(=
    07 January 12, 6:24pm

    I love this quote so much right now.

  264. Jessica Russo
    Jessica Russo says
    07 January 12, 7:34pm

    I love u soooo much vinny you inspire me your so awsome rock on love you grandman<3<3<3

  265. GRANDer<3
    GRANDer<3 says
    26 January 12, 4:37pm

    I love STAND GRAND because it shows people that they shouldn’t be afraid of being them selfs and also there is a BIG bully in my hood and he acts like he owns everyone and i hate it but i didn’t say anything until i heard starve a bully feed you soul that really made me feel like i could stand up to him and i did now he doesn’t hangout with me or my friends because i told him if you want us as friends don’t be the jerk that you have to be and if you can’t stop don’t even bother talking to us because you will still be a big jerk!

  266. alohaGRANDerz73 says
    28 January 12, 3:30am

    STAND GRAND!! i have been bullied from the time i was in kinder garden till now. Vinny has inspired me to look beyond what other people think of me. When i dance, all those feelings come out and i feel like no one can hurt me when i dance.

  267. nichele
    nichele says
    28 January 12, 1:46pm

    I will always stay GRAND !!!!! <3

  268. Hope Castronovo
    Hope Castronovo says
    28 January 12, 5:45pm

    awe touching lol

  269. heybroitzzmrsfusco
    marisacastronovo123 says
    03 February 12, 7:21pm

    always gonna stay grand no matter what they say i stand up dont let them bring you down your own thing CUZ WE ARE GRANDERZ

  270. CC
    CC says
    07 February 12, 9:13am

    Stand GRAND is my life quote,ILY Vinny <3 ;)

  271. Amina Redzic
    Amina Redzic says
    12 February 12, 5:39pm

    LOVE IT!!!! I am always going to Stand GRAND!!! I have been bullied many times. I really look up to this.

  272. NiKole Muah says
    14 February 12, 12:33pm

    I’ve been bullied in the past but now i stand GRAND thank you for your inspiration

  273. GRANDer_143
    GRANDer_143 says
    14 February 12, 5:01pm

    You are amazing Vinny<3 Don't ever stop dancing<3

  274. Caroline Castronovo
    21 February 12, 8:10pm

    “Starve a bully, feed your soul.” By : Vinny Castronovo. Use this as a life quote for the rest of your life. GRANDerZ are GRAND!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. teimy grander
    teimy grander says
    06 March 12, 7:37pm

    Stay GRAND dont let anybody bring you down
    starve the bully feed your soul – vinny <3
    thank you vinny cause of you i dont let bully bring me down and i know how to keep my head high i made fun of but hey ma head is still high up because i stand GRAND <3
    I LOVE YOU VINNY ALOT <3 <3 <3 <3

  276. Rhaijn
    Rhaijn says
    10 March 12, 10:12am

    u r the GRANDest guy ya know.. i read ur bio and i feel like u .. i see myself to u .. thank god i meet some real fwends .. stay GRAND ..

  277. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    19 March 12, 11:55am

    have u ever had a girlfriend vinny?!? please answer back!

    • jasmika123
      jasmika123 says
      20 March 12, 3:43pm

      sorry 4 the ramdom question vin!

  278. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    19 March 12, 11:58am

    starve a bully,feed your soul,stand GRAND -vincent castronovo

  279. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    20 March 12, 3:41pm

    the world is GRAND when ur in it vinny castronovo<3<3<3

  280. JoeD
    JoeD says
    24 March 12, 4:20am

    hey vinny ur the best ever and i love u very much!!<3

  281. ShannonLovesVinny
    ShannonLovesVinny says
    30 March 12, 3:43am

    You are one of my biggest inspirations Vinny! Your wish will come true! Because us GRANDerz will be there to help you!<3

  282. danceinsinger
    danceinsinger says
    03 April 12, 7:31pm

    i have always looked up to u u are a really GRAND ill always be a GRANDer :D

  283. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    05 April 12, 3:22pm

    hey i just met you and this is crazy but heres my number so call me maybe

    love that song lol
    LOVE:jessica feliciano

  284. misscastranovo
    misscastranovo says
    06 April 12, 5:17pm

    u inspire me vinn

  285. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    08 April 12, 9:44am

    HAPPY BIRHTDAY VINCENT CASTRONOVO!I LOVE YOU!you are my inspriation.the day i first saw you i was like MAN HE’S H-O-T-T-
    HOT.HAPPY EASTER.YOU ARE A GRANDMAN.I WILL ALWAYS STAND GRAND.NO MATTER HOW TUFF IT GETS.I LOVE YOU.:)if i meet you in really life today i would say this to you.i cant belive your turning 15 your growing up to fast by the time im 15 youll be 17 .
    :) :D you get taller and hotter everyday maybe youll get tall as my cuz.jk u will not.one more time,HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU :)

    • ecoprincess
      ecoprincess says
      17 April 12, 11:50pm

      lol! i agree! but except with the age, i’m 14 bout to trun 15 in June. i would say the exact the if i met Vinny! its GRAND how GRANDerz think alike!<3

      ~starve a bully, feed your soul-Vinny~

  286. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    08 April 12, 1:18pm

    (= (: vin ur the best<3 i love u

  287. Kady Manai
    Kady Manai says
    09 April 12, 4:44am


  288. Nitza
    Nitza says
    12 April 12, 1:58pm

    This is why all of us GRANDerz love you Vinny! You’re so inspiring and thoughtful, I Love you Vinny!

    • ecoprincess
      ecoprincess says
      24 April 12, 9:07pm

      i agree!

      ~starve a bully, feed your soul! -Vinny~ <3

  289. IconiacGrander4Life says
    16 April 12, 2:08pm

    He Showed Me Never To Give Up. You Never Have To Be A Certain age To Live Your Dream. I Have Been Bullied Since The 3rd Grade Now Im In 7th Grade. They Would Always make Fun Of Me No Matter What. Now I Always Stand Grand.

  290. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    16 April 12, 4:42pm

    we will always stand GRAND no matter what Vinny! <3 I'm supporting you all the way. I'll even help you down here in Texas.

    I LOVE you! <3

  291. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    16 April 12, 4:47pm

    you and your sisters inspire me everyday to be GRAND and starve a bully. i’m now not afraid to show the real me. thx Vinny , Bianca, and Alessandra! <3

  292. Itsmekaye
    Itsmekaye says
    20 April 12, 12:10pm


  293. Mia
    Mia says
    22 April 12, 2:59pm

    I was bullied for 7 years and i finally stood up to them and told them that what they were saying really did hurt. I also told them that i can change everything they said was wrong with me but they can’t change the fact that they have an ugly heart. Vinny, you are the one that gave me the courage to stand up to my bullies. Thank you so much. ♥

  294. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    26 April 12, 10:24am


  295. lilCastronovo
    lilCastronovo says
    27 April 12, 2:09pm

    Wow bulling is one of the worlds most bad thing ever and i know that because i was bullied before and i want to say you bullies are mean and go out and live your lives and STOP BULLING!


  296. MRS.vinny54733
    MRS.vinny54733 says
    27 April 12, 7:21pm

    Defiantly words to live by :)

  297. GRANDerSince2011
    GRANDerSince2011 says
    06 May 12, 8:48pm

    This is still amazing, You don’t know how big of an inspiration you are to me.<3

  298. thisisnaomi
    GrandForever! says
    07 May 12, 10:09pm

    this is now and forever my favorite quote <3

  299. WhoLovesU
    WhoLovesU says
    28 May 12, 1:38pm

    <3 Stand GRAND! <3

  300. samantha
    samantha says
    30 May 12, 6:58pm

    standGRAND is helping kids all over to become the real them and stand up forr what they belive thats why i love standGRAND and will forever live by it <3 :)

  301. Mrs.Castonovo
    Mrs.Castonovo says
    09 June 12, 12:38am

    Vinny, you are such an amazing guy! i love you and everyone else who has an account does too! you are sooo sweet like its unbelievable and i want you to always stay that way :) )) xoxox forever and always :)

  302. Luv U says
    20 June 12, 2:04am


  303. jlynn
    jlynn says
    20 June 12, 10:15pm

    i have been bullied in the past but i just stopped caring! and then people just stopped trying to hurt me because they knew they couldnt! but that doesnt matter, when you dont bully someone it doesnt give you a clean concience but standing grand and standing up for other people is the greatest feeling in the world!

  304. JoyceIsGRAND47
    JoyceIsGRAND47 says
    21 June 12, 9:08pm

    SOOOOO inspiring<3.

  305. xxICONiacxx
    xxICONiacxx says
    22 June 12, 3:15am

    Love ya vinny your so GRAND and continue to follow ur dream :D

  306. Vicki Miguel
    Vicki Miguel says
    28 June 12, 7:07pm

    You’re truly inspirational Vinny. I don’t see how or who would bully you. You’re amazing. You’ve made it so far. I think I speak for the GRANDerz when I say, we’re proud of you and we will Stand GRAND and not back down. We love you so much. We finally have someone our age to look up to. Thank you so much.<3

  307. lexiR says
    11 July 12, 3:29pm

    i luv this

    15 July 12, 12:33pm

    see vinny this is why i love you. u r trying to help the world and solve problems not run away from them.thanks to u this world is going to b the best world ever. my favorite words “starve a bully feed your soul stand GRAND<333

    15 July 12, 10:21pm

    Vinny you’re amazing. You really deserve to be where you are now. You are my biggest inspiration. Keep Standing GRAND;)<3

  310. Taylor
    Taylor says
    24 July 12, 1:04am

    I guess I never really realized how GRAND I was standing. I live by these words but I never knew how seriously I took them until I read this 2 times <3 I love you. The Castronovo family and my GRANDer family.

  311. gaby_love123
    gaby_love123 says
    25 July 12, 3:29pm

    3 words: this inspires me.

  312. kiara
    kiara says
    30 July 12, 9:34pm

    i will try my best to stand GRAND u have inspired me to not care about what other people think and to follow my dreams.Its been really hard to ignore bullies harsh words and some of the bullies that bully me used to be my friends. I will stand GRAND! Thank u for being so inspiring!!!!!!!! :)

  313. kiara
    kiara says
    30 July 12, 9:46pm

    i’ve been bullied all my life and i’ve been very close to commiting suicide and i wish that bullying would just stop! I mean really people only bully beacause they think that the other person has something better then them and i have seen lots of bullying at my school but no teacher stops it and i can’t take it but when i heard your story vinny u inspired me to stand GRAND andto not listen to the hars words,but one thing u can’t ignore is te physical bullying i have had both been mentally and physically bullied and i just wish bullying would stop!!!!!!!!! please people stop bullying!!!! love kiara

  314. savannah
    tuliptuli2323 says
    14 August 12, 3:15pm

    thx vin u inspired me 2 stand up ,my friend is the one who gets bullied and i told her what u wrote and she started crying, it made her feel like she can do anything and nothing can stop her<3 thank you!!!!!!

  315. Evelyn Castronovo
    16 August 12, 2:58pm

    I cried :( Beautiful words, Vin. I want to follow my dream and everyone tells me that I dream too loud and is impossible I get what I want, but I still looking up and put everything in God’s hands. If He want, anyone can stop! s2

  316. XxLuvDxX
    XxLuvDxX says
    16 August 12, 5:00pm

    Vin, thank you for inspiring me and teaching me to stand against the bullies. Thank you for making me realize being insecure was pointless and helping me to overcome my insecurity. Thank you for teaching me to be me and only me. Thank you for teaching me that being beautiful to myself was all that matters. Thank you for helping me Stand GRAND. Most of all… Thank You for being YOU♥

  317. kupcake1991
    kupcake1991 says
    18 August 12, 12:46am

    i love this

  318. Silvi
    Silvi says
    28 August 12, 12:58pm

    Vinny you love! comuebes me, I love you too (:

  319. Sawliha (Salsa) Kidwai
    Sawliha (Salsa) Kidwai says
    12 October 12, 4:15pm

    so inspiring :’)

  320. Deandra
    Deandra says
    29 October 12, 11:56pm

    Vinny you taught me that its ok to be different and that i need to stand up to my bullies thank you soooooo much! <3 ~Deandra

  321. iloveiconicboyz
    04 November 12, 10:58am


  322. lexymf459
    lexymf459 says
    18 November 12, 9:28pm

    You are a huge inspiration, and I so agree. Thanks for giving me the confidence to be grand and to stand up for what I believe in! :D

  323. Elise
    Elise says
    27 November 12, 4:53pm

    This is so beautiful, Vinny ♥

  324. HGandIBLover567
    HGandIBLover567 says
    30 November 12, 3:32pm

    Thank ou Vinny Love you!!!You make me accomplish so many things <3

  325. EmilyCastronovo3407
    02 December 12, 4:35am

    I love you c: !
    So inspiring <3

  326. ArizonaChicHannah13
    26 December 12, 4:04pm

    StandGRANDER than ever! ILY <3 :)

  327. sincereICONic
    30 December 12, 6:29am


  328. Unknown
    Unknown says
    07 January 13, 9:30pm

    This is the wisest thing I have ever read. The dirt one…that was amazingly intelligent. I will keep that with me wherever I go.

    Thank you for teaching me to stay true to myself because, lately, I have been trying to blend in, and be ‘normal,’ to give people what they are expecting and want, but you have taught me to stay true to who you are, no matter what others think, as long as you are comfortable with yourself. Now, I can stay weird and finally be proud of that! Because we all know, if you’re not weird, you’re not GRAND.

    Thank you.

    And I am sure all of the other GRANDerz are thanking you too.

    I love you!

    I will always Stand GRAND.

  329. Jime ByR
    Jime ByR says
    20 February 13, 8:33pm

    This inspired me so much, thanks for all that quotes that revive me! u r awesome ♥

    Love from Argentina, forever grander. STAND GRAND

  330. AddySwagz
    AddySwagz says
    03 April 13, 10:55am

    Always StandGRAND!! <3 :)

  331. GRAND1011
    GRAND1011 says
    06 April 13, 9:13pm

    You are so amazing! What you said was really true. Everything you do makes the world GRAND. I know now that standing up for myself is not as bad as i thought it would be. i can finally be my GRAND self around my friends. You made me realize that it’s not bad to be who you are. You are awesome. Because if your not weird, your not GRAND.

    Thank you.

    I love you!

    Remember Stand GRAND !

  332. Icon_Ianne
    Icon_Ianne says
    12 April 13, 5:44am

    Thanks for inspiring mr Vinny!

    To dance, even if I had stopped dancing 2 years ago…

    Thanks to your help, I came back to Dancing…

    Thanks vinny, i hope you visit Phillipines!!! :)

  333. citlali_castronovo
    citlali_castronovo says
    26 September 13, 10:45pm

    Forever Grander ! <3

  334. CaseytheGRANDER
    CaseytheGRANDER says
    05 October 13, 4:52pm

    We all Stay GRAND forever !!

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