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Welcome to StandGRAND.com!

StandGRAND.com is a brand new fully interactive online community designed to celebrate Vinny Castronovo and everything StandGRAND represents. All of you can create your own account, set your profile, upload your own profile pic, and comment on Vinny's posts. You can do this by clicking the register link in the upper right hand corner. Sign up today! Click Here To Learn More

StandGRAND.com’s Exclusive Interview With Cory Wires

In 5th grade, Cory was a normal kid. He started to get bullied for loving music. Bullied for really no reason at all. After having his lunch frequently thrown all over his books, and becoming and outcast, Cory had enough. The Final point for Cory was the day he was handcuffed to his seat on the bus, beat up and left with no shoes. After no luck with many attempts to get the school system to help and after realizing that the very people who are suppose to help kids in a crisis, instead tried to make it as if he were the child with the problems, Cory stopped socializing. Click Here For The Full Interview

Ready For More Shows And Meet And Greets?! READ THIS!

Judging by the amount of e-mails we get, something tells us you GRANDerz want Vinny and the Castronovos to do more shows. Well, we have some news for you, that’s going to happen! The Castronovos are taking the show on the road But… we need your help! Vinny’s management is looking for venue ideas in the following areas: Houston, TX and the surrounding areas Detroit, MI and the surrounding areas California, North and/or South Toronto, Canada So if you living in these areas and have first hand knowledge of fantastic clubs or theaters that will host teen shows, send an email to k_lamonte@standgrand.com. Make sure you stay tuned here at StandGRAND.com for all upcoming show news. Thanks for the help and we’ll see you soon!

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Vinny’s Blog

October Update

I was really excited to get this month going. The first week I had an event and it was held in Rhode Island. It was a fantastic dance competition and I was asked to be a judge! I was honored and excited, but also really nervous. I never judged a competition before but I knew what I was looking for and couldn’t wait! The other judges on the panel were also really helpful and nice! Before the competition, I taught a workshop which went amazingly well. The energy was great and it was a great way to get hyped up for the show. I was feeling really confident. All the training and practice I have been focusing on seemed to really be paying off and that was a great feeling. Click Here To Read More...

September Update

Well summer is officially over and its time for school. Even though its online, there is lots of work to do. I started taking classes in NYC again for dance now that my schedule has calmed down a bit. Practice makes perfect, and I want to get better with my dancing and choreography. Diversity is key, want to learn different styles. I started working with a great friend, choreographer dancer, mentor Jemel. He's a backup dancer for Alicia Keys right now and is so inspirational. I love going to work with him when hes not traveling the world with Alicia! Click Here To Read More...

Vinny’s Wisdom

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