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Our Mission

The mission on Stand GRAND! is to encourage, inspire and empower young people across the globe to invest, protect and promote their passions and goals. This is achieved by creating a positive community of individuals who have been victimized directly or indirectly by bullying and who have found refuge and strength in each other. Our collective experiences shared, provide the vital tools necessary to combat this rising epidemic in our society that effects individuals of all ages, ethnicities, economic status, creed, religions and regions. We are hopeful that all will benefit, but we focus primarily on adolescents in need of this support system to deal with the overwhelming peer pressure to conform to pop culture. We encourage each to embrace their individuality even when seemingly no one else will. Grand by definition is : “to be highly ambitious or idealistic: magnificent or splendid” . We employ young people to take the power from the bullies and redirect the energy to self. Our Motto:

Starve A Bully, Feed Your Soul, Stand GRAND!

If we are able to save just one person from their painful reality our efforts wonʼt be in vain, however, we are confident that with our life-saving and self-empowering message we can turn the tides, reduce the number of adolescent suicides, wake-up lost dreams and create endless possibilities for many across the world.

Our mission simply is to Stand GRAND!

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