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Welcome to StandGRAND.com!

Welcome GRANDerz!

StandGRAND.com is a brand new fully interactive online community designed to celebrate Vinny Castronovo and everything StandGRAND represents. All of you can create your own account, set your profile, upload your own profile pic, and comment on Vinny’s posts. You can do this by clicking the register link in the upper right hand corner. Sign up today!

There’s a lot to see here at StandGrand.com! You can:

  • Read Vinny’s Bio and read the amazing story of how he got to where he is today!
  • The News section will keep you up-to-date on all the StandGRAND.com current events!
  • Read our Mission Statement and learn everything StandGRAND.com stands for!
  • Check out the Media section for Photo Galleries, Videos, and Vinny’s USTREAM channel, where you can watch Vinny live and chat with other GRANDerz during broadcasts!
  • Read Vinny’s Blog and see what he’s up to, written and maintained by Vinny himself!
  • Check out the GRANDerz Membership Directory where you can find friends and check out their profiles!
  • Check out the StandGRAND.com Store and get the latest merch as well as tickets to Vinny’s shows!
  • If you have any questions, we have answers! Use our Contact page to get in touch with us!

The entire StandGRAND.com team thanks you for checking out our website and we hope you enjoy it. We’ve all worked hard on building it. Stay GRAND!


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  1. christina says
    05 September 11, 9:03pm

    im so glad you made this i cant wait to talk to the whole grand fam :)

  2. amandasirkedzhyan
    amandasirkedzhyan says
    05 September 11, 9:05pm

    ahh im so happy its finallyup <3

  3. Lisa
    Lisa says
    05 September 11, 9:15pm

    this site is amazing & can’t wait till it’s 100% done. AND THE SHIRT DESIGNS LOOK AMAZING

  4. RosieIsAGRANDer
    ILoveeVinny says
    05 September 11, 9:18pm

    This Is My New Favorite Website <3

    05 September 11, 9:19pm


  6. mrsvinnycastronovo13
    mrsvinnycastronovo13 says
    05 September 11, 9:44pm

    im really excited about this website so imma like bookmark it!!! ((: i love you vinny!!!

  7. gracie
    gracie says
    05 September 11, 10:03pm


  8. WAICONiac(Crista<3)
    WAICONiac(Crista<3) says
    05 September 11, 10:29pm

    So excited to start leatning how to use this website more(:

  9. malstandsGRAND
    malstandsGRAND says
    05 September 11, 10:32pm


  10. Shane
    Shane says
    05 September 11, 10:35pm

    im amazed by the site <3 GRAND job you guys!! :) x

  11. lauraelizabeth
    lauraelizabeth says
    05 September 11, 10:38pm

    aaahhh, finally got it to work. so excited :)

  12. Monica.Liz.Olvera
    05 September 11, 10:44pm

    I love this website I can meet my GRANDer Family :D

  13. BigTimeGRANDer
    BigTimeGRANDer says
    05 September 11, 10:47pm

    Thanks Vinny ! :)

  14. Christina_Castronovo
    Christina_Castronovo says
    05 September 11, 11:00pm

    This Is Soooo Coool! Thanks For Making This! This Is Gonna Be My Home Page(:
    Im A GRANDer For Life Right Here!<3

  15. ICONicpink
    ICONicpink says
    05 September 11, 11:01pm

    guurls be trippin over your website vin

  16. GRAND.Fernanda
    GRAND.Fernanda says
    05 September 11, 11:08pm

    Love this website! It’s so GRAND! <3

  17. jadeee(:♥
    jadeee(:♥ says
    05 September 11, 11:10pm

    This site is gonna be GRAND!(:

  18. Mrs.Castronovo
    Mrs.Castronovo says
    05 September 11, 11:18pm

    cant wait to talk to allll the GRAND fam!!

  19. joanne
    joanne says
    05 September 11, 11:21pm

    ive been waiting forever for the site haha . glad its finally up ! :)

  20. sydneyschuuu219
    sydneyschuuu219 says
    05 September 11, 11:29pm

    (: im pretty sure i looked at this website everyday waiting for it to be up (: thanks for creating it (: cant wait to talk to my GRAND family <3

  21. laurynmadere
    laurynmadere says
    05 September 11, 11:37pm

    :D you just made it the GRANDest night ever thanks standGRAND team!!! <3

  22. Debbaaah
    Debbaaah says
    05 September 11, 11:56pm

    This site is so GRAND<3

  23. Ailani Spurr
    Ailani Spurr says
    06 September 11, 12:20am

    loving the website!! verry GRAND!!! =) <3

  24. Nigcent-Castronigga
    Nigcent-Castronigga says
    06 September 11, 12:23am

    FINALLY able to see his WHOLE website!!! :)

  25. GRANDVera
    GRANDVera says
    06 September 11, 1:13am

    Vinny ima be Stand GRANDING now instead of tweeting :D

  26. StandGRAND_Twin
    StandGRAND_Twin says
    06 September 11, 2:23am

    cant wait till merchendise is for sale! :)

  27. StandGRAND11
    StandGRAND11 says
    06 September 11, 6:42am

    I love the website its GRAND

  28. likeagranderr
    06 September 11, 7:49am


    • samantha
      samantha says
      02 June 12, 2:40am

      ikr hes so hottttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. ErinGRANDer4life
    ErinGRANDer4life says
    06 September 11, 9:15am

    I love this website. MY NEW LIFE GUYS! <33 ily vinny!!

  30. VincentCisGrand
    VincentCisGrand says
    06 September 11, 9:32am

    Glad there is a website just for Vinny:)

  31. Michelle Delucia
    xomichellegabriellexo says
    06 September 11, 9:53am

    omg , bookmarked this. :*

  32. LyssaR99 says
    06 September 11, 11:30am

    Finally! Vinny’s bio page made me cry. If only I could have hugged him to make him feel a little better :(

  33. emmasGRAND
    emmasGRAND says
    06 September 11, 11:39am

    new favorite website <3

  34. MishaCastronovo
    MishaCastronovo says
    06 September 11, 11:46am

    This website<333 It's so GRAND:)

  35. CastronovoSwaggin
    06 September 11, 12:57pm


  36. castronovolove
    castronovolove says
    06 September 11, 3:48pm

    YAY! now we can finally have something with no drama(:

  37. Regan_StandingGRAND
    Regan_StandingGRAND says
    06 September 11, 4:29pm

    thanks for the website vin!!! hopefully no drama at all! haha this is the new twitter and facebook for me!

  38. GRANDgirl
    GRANDgirl says
    06 September 11, 4:45pm

    GRAND website :)

  39. Grand.Nutella.Monster
    Grand.Nutella.Monster says
    06 September 11, 5:28pm
  40. victoria
    victoria says
    06 September 11, 6:04pm
  41. thatGRANDgirlx
    thatGRANDgirlx says
    06 September 11, 7:41pm

    GRANDest site EVER! (:

  42. GRANDerzSwagz
    06 September 11, 7:56pm
  43. SierraLovesVinny
    SierraLovesVinny says
    06 September 11, 8:17pm

    Im Soo Happy You Made This Site!!! I Have Been On For About 10 Minutes And Its GRAND Already! Muahh Lovee You Vinny:D <3 <3 <3 <3 :D DD

  44. jazzybear
    jazzybear says
    06 September 11, 9:19pm

    AHHH, so proud to see this up. we GRANDerz have been waiting.! i will always get on. i hope to make some friends with these people, who have the same feeling as i do about this page<33

  45. GRANDer-angel-beauty
    GRANDer-angel-beauty says
    06 September 11, 9:20pm


  46. Grander.Celeste
    Grander.Celeste says
    06 September 11, 9:38pm

    Vinny im so happy you made this website!!!! cant wait to meet you!!!♥♥♥

  47. CastronovoCutie
    06 September 11, 9:47pm

    I already adore this site! I’m so proud! You have a website! Look how far you’ve come. (: Love you Vinny! You continue to amaze me! Love, Darlene ♥

  48. 16ICONicBoyzLove
    06 September 11, 9:53pm

    STAND GRAND<3 Lovinn this Website<3 Very GRANd Vin.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 <3

  49. NutellaFreak
    NutellaFreak says
    06 September 11, 9:58pm

    Im sure all GRANDerz want to thank you for making the website! it would be easy to communicate with everyone <3

  50. Kai Marie
    Kai Marie says
    06 September 11, 10:34pm

    Thanks I am so happy I finally got my password and we could all communicate! <3

  51. Rainbow Girl
    Rainbow Girl says
    06 September 11, 10:46pm

    Awsome! <3

  52. KGRANDer4ever
    Kayla says
    06 September 11, 10:52pm

    Love this website so much <3

  53. CheyenneIsAGRANDer
    CheyenneIsAGRANDer says
    06 September 11, 10:58pm

    This Was A Very GRAND Surprise (: I Love This Website!
    Thanks Vin. Al. Bianca And Alan(:

  54. LayleniJaylynnLuisa
    06 September 11, 11:18pm

    Vinny i love you♥
    wish you luck at school tomorrow(:

  55. sierra123 says
    06 September 11, 11:26pm

    i am so happy you made it is a great way to talk to your GRANDerz !!

  56. Granderz_r_4life
    Granderz_r_4life says
    06 September 11, 11:44pm

    This is such a Grand site !! Lol :)

  57. Megan
    Megan says
    07 September 11, 12:16am

    Vinny im soo happy you made this, this is very grand of you!!!!:) well i have to go to beddd i have volleyball tryouts tomorrow wish me luckk!!!!:DD Stand Grandd<3

  58. JulieDreamsGrand says
    07 September 11, 12:26am

    This website is amazing Vinny thank you so much for taking your time to make it i really appreciate it! (:

  59. GRANDnessSWAG
    GRANDnessSWAG says
    07 September 11, 12:59am

    Love love love the site! GRAND job! <3 Love ya Vinny!

  60. vininator
    vininator says
    07 September 11, 3:29pm

    viny is my lifee ilove him w. a passion <3

  61. Lauryn
    lauryn says
    07 September 11, 5:26pm

    omg thanks vinny for everything you really do inspire kids like us an im just here to say thannk you soo much you are my favorite iconic boy an always will be an someday i would love to meet you an im so happy cause u followed me on twitter an DM me ahh i was like sceaming hah well just here to support you no matter what an i will always look up to you you are funny wierd(GRAND0 lol an sweet thanks for being our inspire :)

    from,lauryn denson biggest grander ever
    also if grander follow me on twitter at lauryn_luv i always follow back thanks:)

  62. BriGRANDerxo23
    BriGRANDerxo23 says
    07 September 11, 5:39pm

    GRANDerz reunite! <3 we love you Vinny!(: thanks for making the GRANDest website ever!

  63. Jenny
    Jenny says
    07 September 11, 6:51pm

    this is my new favorite site! i come here everyday now(: u should think about making an app for StandGRAND!! that way i can use this on my phone without getting my laptop out(:

  64. GRANDerGurlz
    GRANDerGurlz says
    07 September 11, 7:23pm

    So exited fir this website!!!!!! I’m gonna go on this everyday!!!

  65. GRANDer919
    GRANDer919 says
    07 September 11, 7:56pm

    i love this site so much love ya

  66. JocyNutellaCastronovo
    JocyNutellaCastronovo says
    07 September 11, 8:38pm

    This is Wicked GRAND. Having this website is the best thing ever. Now can you notice me on this with nutella on top?

  67. IconicLover22 says
    07 September 11, 9:24pm

    I love this website. When i’m upset it makes me feel SOOO much better. <3 Thank you Vinny for making this website.(:

  68. GRANDLizzy
    GRANDLizzy says
    07 September 11, 9:42pm

    My new favoritee websitee <3

  69. catlovesICONic
    07 September 11, 9:53pm

    i wish this website could be an app on mobile soo that i dont hav to go to my comp. to go on here .

  70. Ri :)
    Ri :) says
    08 September 11, 7:01am

    This and Twitter <3

  71. Istaygrandxoxo43
    08 September 11, 11:32am

    I have a good Feeling about this Web site :)
    & yeah .Whats up ?????

  72. GRANDerET
    GRANDerET says
    08 September 11, 6:51pm

    LOve him to Death SO that this website is UP (: ;D

  73. isabel
    isabel says
    09 September 11, 12:13am

    awesome website i need to learn how to use it first! :) ) hahah

  74. ICONicGRANDer08
    09 September 11, 3:25pm

    this site is ICONic!!! i luvv it and i cant wait to go VIG

  75. ilovenickmara
    ilovenickmara says
    10 September 11, 1:52pm

    I love you so much vinny <3

  76. Mariah Hailey
    Mariah Hailey says
    10 September 11, 6:20pm

    Vinny Your so…… HOw to explain in easy words?? AMAZING IN SO MANY WAYS!

  77. Briana Castronovo says
    10 September 11, 9:58pm

    I LOVE YOU! <3

  78. CarlyCastronvo
    11 September 11, 3:34pm

    This site made my life haha<3(:

  79. Vinnys best GRANDer
    Vinnys best GRANDer says
    12 September 11, 12:59am


    15 September 11, 9:06pm

    im glad they made this website i LOVE it =) #STANDGRAND #MUCHLOVE GRANDerz

  81. Amador
    Amador says
    29 September 11, 7:45pm

    yay!!!!!! finally i can support you on this website since i had to erase my twitter for some reason!!!! ill follow you as soon as i make one!
    xoxo noemi(:

  82. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    21 November 11, 5:46pm

    love this website!<3<3<3

  83. Carson Lilia
    Carson Lilia says
    28 January 12, 7:56pm

    I’ll be blessed if you even read this, but here it goes :) . I know you have probably heard it all before, but you are truly an amazing boy. You don’t realize how much you can effect people. Im in 8th grade and there is this boy, Tyler. Everyday he gets hurt, emotionaly and physically for no apparent reason. Its like these sick people see it as a game. Im really his only friend. He would call me every night and our conversations would usually end with me convincing him not to kill himself. But those amazing people like you saved him. Hes slowly getting better. I just wish that there would be more people like you in the world. I just can describe it. Your incredible. I will always look up to you, your my hero.

  84. GRANDer_143
    GRANDer_143 says
    14 February 12, 4:55pm

    Vinny, you are truly amazing<3

  85. nouha castronovo
    nouha castronovo says
    19 February 12, 3:51pm

    Ow Vinny You can imagine how Much i love you and how much i support I Blieve onnYou you Are Amazing Dancer YOu make Me happy when i see your pictures I love i love i love youuuuuuuu tHIS is My general Comments For you ” i ve been Your fan when You dance your first Dance i will be your fan when you dance Youuur last One ” ♥♥♥♥ ;) Im gonna still yourfan All MyLifeKiss

  86. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    04 March 12, 12:21pm

    i hope i can go to ur dance class love you so much ^_^ love jessie feliciano

  87. GabbieMarie
    25 March 12, 4:04pm

    Omgg,Im So Happy Its Uppp!!!! :)
    This Website is the bestt! <333

  88. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    05 May 12, 2:35pm

    the Castronvo’s are the best! <3 this website is amazing and GRAND! way to go Vinny!

  89. GRANDerSince2011
    GRANDerSince2011 says
    06 May 12, 9:41pm

    I honestly don’t know how to use this website.. But i’m gonna learn(:
    This is gonna be a GRAND experience!<3

  90. granderziconiacs
    granderziconiacs says
    15 May 12, 3:55pm

    Yay!a website for GRANDerz. It’s so Amazing

  91. AnastasiaP. says
    16 May 12, 8:25pm

    Im so happy it up!!!!!

  92. samantha
    samantha says
    02 June 12, 2:38am

    im so happy to be apart of the ”GRAND” family :P

  93. Ebony Wilson
    Ebony Wilson says
    08 June 12, 8:49pm

    i LOVE this website , so glad we can all talk to eachother

  94. Nicole123 says
    18 July 12, 10:25am

    Vinny, is it possible to sell more tickets for Toronto :(

  95. GRANDerJocelyn
    GRANDerJocelyn says
    04 August 12, 7:59pm

    LOVE this WEBSITE its my FAVORTE

  96. GRANDerJocelyn
    28 August 12, 9:52pm

    if so glad tht vinny follows me in twitter

  97. Mrs.Castronovo
    Mrs.Castronovo says
    03 November 12, 12:22am

    Finally apart of the GRAND family! :)

  98. rubymartinez
    rubymartinez says
    27 November 12, 1:20am

    IM NEW ON the site so bear with me rawwrr lol

  99. Be@Grander12
    Be@Grander12 says
    03 January 13, 10:18pm

    Finally vinny has his own website love it !

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