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Vinny C & Bash Classes in New York


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  1. MindlesslyGRAND14
    MindlesslyGRAND14 says
    13 February 12, 4:40pm

    Good dance moves!!

  2. Babygail Grander
    Babygail Grander says
    26 March 12, 12:57pm

    You guys r so great <3 :D Can yall teach in HOUSTON,TX !!!

  3. StandGRANDcastronovo says
    27 March 12, 7:19am

    both dancinq soooo amazinq (:

  4. Nitza
    Nitza says
    09 April 12, 9:42pm

    Whats the song they dance to at the end?

  5. ChristyXD
    ChristyXD says
    15 May 12, 12:44pm

    Aww Vinny looks so cute when he dances XD

  6. Mrs.Castronovo
    Mrs.Castronovo says
    03 November 12, 12:38am

    Amazing! Can you teach a class in New York again?

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