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Vincent, B-Boy Bebo, and 787 Crew in NYC


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  1. Richelle Berry says
    21 May 12, 5:35pm

    Awesome(: I Love the choreography in the dance! Great Job!♥

  2. Mrs.VincentCastronovoJr.
    Mrs.VincentCastronovoJr. says
    22 May 12, 6:18pm

    Vinny Your So Talented ;D Loved It :D Now Im Hooked On This Song Only Cuz I Know You’ve Listened To It XD

  3. Nadine Castronovo
    23 May 12, 10:51am

    Nothing’ to say :$ ♥

  4. Mrs.Castronovo<3
    23 May 12, 7:51pm

    When I saw Vinny dance I literally started crying.. :’) He’s gorgeous and just amazing! I love him soooo much! <3

    • ecoprincess
      23 June 12, 2:34am

      i agree! i miss him and the ICONic Boyz dancing together. they should make a video and post it! i would be the HAPPIEST GRANder and ICONiac in the world!<3 who agrees?

  5. ecoprincess
    23 May 12, 11:38pm

    nice dance! enjoyed it and LOVED it! good job boyz!

  6. selenagarcia
    04 June 12, 6:31pm

    I love this video :) i like how vincent just came out of nowhere haha

    • ecoprincess
      23 June 12, 2:33am

      agreed! i was all like”Where did you come from?” lol this dance was amazing, i love how Bianca started to get after them in the end, i was laughing!

  7. ilove vinny says
    19 June 12, 12:36am

    OMG Vinny I love you so much <3

  8. Lexie Cantrell
    Lexie Cantrell says
    09 July 12, 3:59pm

    My friend made me go get her charger while I was watching Vinny dancing and she thought I was crazy when I came back and rewinded the video to right when Bebo was finishing his dance and Vinny came in. xx

  9. iGRANDSwagger
    12 July 12, 5:31pm

    I literally can’t stop watching this. the replay button is my new friend (:

  10. TotallyStandingGrand
    14 July 12, 5:16pm

    Love Vinnyy and i live in New York

  11. ICONicSabrinaCastronovo
    26 July 12, 1:17pm

    Oh my gawwd….It’s AmaZayn!Words cant describe it!Cenzo,you are so talented.I love how you inspire other girls around the entire world.Tell 747 they did great in this video also :D

  12. nora
    nora says
    27 July 12, 4:56pm

    awesome dancing:)

  13. Ana P.
    Ana P. says
    03 August 12, 7:37pm

    I LOVE that video and Vinny is so talentd I LOVE HIM

  14. GRANDerJocelyn
    GRANDerJocelyn says
    04 August 12, 7:54pm

    OMG Vinny looks so hot

  15. InSAniA
    InSAniA says
    18 August 12, 7:01pm

    i really don’t want to seem mean, but i was laughing my butt off when i was reading the comments where girls were confessing their “undying love” for vinny and how he’s “so hot”. i appreciate the ppl who actually commented about his dancing and not his looks and how they’re sooooo in love with him.
    Vinny, u really are a VERY inspiring person and the choreography in this vid is GRAND! :D

  16. GRANDSwaggalicious
    GRANDSwaggalicious says
    31 August 12, 1:28pm

    Vinny Is Soo Talented And He Looks Hot In This Video

  17. AilisTejada says
    14 September 12, 7:11pm

    Cool, I love this dance, Good Job Vincent… A Question: Do you want speak spanish?… And I love you so much. Kisses!

  18. Renell_Dancer
    23 September 12, 6:34pm

    I love this dance it’s awesome. Nice job guys keep up dancing it’s what you guys do best.

  19. Nyah73
    Nyah73 says
    01 October 12, 7:21pm

    That was just….A-MAZ-ING! I love it! I am hooked! Great job Vincent. Muuaaahh!

  20. vinnyfan4life
    vinnyfan4life says
    17 October 12, 6:41pm

    Vinny you have an amazing Talent a so much a cute dancer please come to the UK and perform for us i love you vinny <3 <3

  21. Mrs.Castronovo
    Mrs.Castronovo says
    03 November 12, 12:34am

    Amazing dance and video. Vinny is an amazing dancer. I have no words. Love you Vinny.. :) Great job guys!!!!

  22. Anny GRANDer
    Anny GRANDer says
    17 December 12, 10:02pm

    I love this videoo !! I’m from Puerto Rico and 787 Crew from San Juan so …. THE PERFECT COMBINATION !! My future boyfriend (you) and the most talented dance crew in Puerto Rico !!! *–*

  23. Icon_Ianne
    Icon_Ianne says
    12 April 13, 5:58am

    You all are so cool! ^_^
    keep inspiring us Vinny!

  24. Icon_Ianne
    Icon_Ianne says
    12 April 13, 5:58am

    You all are so cool! ^_^
    keep inspiring me Vin!

  25. GranderBri12
    GranderBri12 says
    22 April 13, 9:32pm

    Great work as usual Vinny. BEST!! luv u! COME TO LOUISIANA….U will LOVE IT!

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