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Chicago Dance Workshop


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  1. thisisnaomi
    alohaitsnaomi says
    07 May 12, 1:47am

    the dancing at the end <3

  2. ValCastronovo
    ValCastronovo says
    27 May 12, 1:22am

    [Mg I see myself! After waiting for a year I finally got to meet you, Bianca, and your dad. That was a day I hope to never forget, best experience of my life and thanks for posting the picture of the giraffe I gave you I loved the name you gave it "MR.SR.FLUFFINGTONTHE3rd" I love you darling, you're my biggest inspiration I thank you for helping me overcome my bullies I stood GRAND just like you taught me. 3.31.12 best day of my whole life of existing on this planet!

  3. Mrs.Castronovo2012
    Mrs.Castronovo2012 says
    02 June 12, 3:30pm

    Love The Dance Vinny This Is One Of My Favorite Videos And I Love The Valentine Dance Too (: Hope You See This Vinny It Will Be A Miracle If You See This!!!…(:

  4. SydneyStandsGRAND
    17 June 12, 12:49pm

    Best day ever! I was in the wayyyyy back though so you can’t see me! :(

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