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Voice of the GRANDerz

Everyone’s A GRANDer!

I’ve been standing GRAND by turning people in my school into GRANDerz. We had to write a report about our biggest inspiration and I chose Vinny. My English teacher was wondering who this ‘Vinny’ kid was. After I explained who he was, she was inspired. The next day I went to school I turned about 5 kids into GRANDerz. Also, my English teacher put signs up by her door that say, “Starve a bully,... Read More

Can’t Spell Beautiful Without ‘U’

At school when I get made fun of I think about Vinny’s story, and what he had to go through. Somehow it just sticks in my head. And honestly every time I think about it I get chills. I surround myself with family and friends that love and support me. You can always tell who your true friends are by what they say, how they act, and their true personality around you. I also... Read More

Bullies are Powerless

In my 2nd year of Middle School which is 7th grade, there was a group 8th Graders. They thought they were all that and they could make fun of who ever they wanted to. Then one day they just started picking on me. They started to call me names like, “ugly” and “fat”. They also spread some serious rumors about me. I didn’t show them that it bothered me, I just kept my head... Read More

Have Fun With Life!

I learned to Stand GRAND this school year by being myself. I learned not to take anything anyone says to heart. Vinny has inspired me, and there is a picture of him in my locker to remind me to Stand GRAND. When someone asks me who he is. I reply “My Hero.” I’ve been bullied long enough and I finally learned to just have fun with my life. I made new friends who accept... Read More

I Might be The Only Smile They Get! :)

This is how I Stand GRAND; Everyday in my school, someone is being bullied. Over the smallest things, too. Braces, Acne, Being too tall, Too short, etc. Well, if I see someone being bullied I go to the kid, and say a teacher needs him, just to get him away. Then we go to the principal and tell him what happened. I, am bullied too. They say I’m Fat, Ugly, Annoying.. I’ve heard it... Read More

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