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Voice of the GRANDerz

Proud of myself

i know its a little late for this but what i have did to stand GRAND was to help kids who where being bullied like this kid named mario heres what happened: i was walking home with my sister from a program named jumpstart it was to help us get ready ofr school so while we were walking these kids started throwing sticks at mario. so i told them to stop and they didnt listen... Read More

Everyone’s Different

I continue to stand GRAND during the new school year by helping others when they get binder checked in the halls. I let others join my team in PE when they get left out. Also I tell everyone that everyone is beautiful and everybody is different. -Lilia Read More

Leave Them Laughing

The way I stand GRAND is that whenever I see anyone making fun of anyone, in any way, I tell them to stop. And to back off. People usually listen because I’m nice to EVERYONE. After I help them, I always make sure I leave them laughing:) I used to not do anything and just watch. But then I realized how much it actually hurt them. And we need to put a stop to... Read More

Doing What I Love

I live in Houston,Texas and i’m homeschooled yet people still find a way to be very hurtful towards me! A couple months ago, the weekend right after the second week of school i was at the mall with my bestfriend when i received a voicemail saying “Hi Carson, this is Madison Thompson with the Houston Astros and we were looking through your youtube videos and we wanted you to come sing the National Anthem... Read More

I Am Limited Edition!

I continue to stand grand this year by being myself and not letting people bring me down, i have been bullied by people telling i’m stupid, weird, and ugly. but non of that matters because i know i am not the only one out there, and i know that being called weird is like being called limited edition xD I STAND GRAND<33 ~Hillary Read More

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