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Voice of the GRANDerz

October’s GRANDerz Corner Topic Is….

Welcome to the GRANDerz Corner! This is the place we’ve set up for you to post content submitted in your own words. This Months topic: Tell us how you've continued to "Stand GRAND" during the new school year. E-Mail your stories to Bianca@StandGrand.com You can find previous topics in the archives! Read More

My Motto

Hi! StandGRAND has impacted my life and my friend’s life. It’s now my life motto, to always StandGRAND. In show choir, I have always wanted to do a solo or a duet, but I have never had the guts to audition for a part. After watching the ICONic Boyz and realizing that Being GRAND isn’t easy, I’m going to audition after Thanksgiving break. I learned from Vinny’s story that good things come to those... Read More

Meaning To My Life

I’ve been through rough times as has anyone else, but you must know that your mission and everything that standing grand means to me is priceless. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You saved this once lonely girl, and showed her that standing grand can make a difference! Now I standgrand all the time! I know you all have been very busy, but I hope you all received the last... Read More

I’ll Help Change Lives

Ive been bullied since the 5th. This one girl she used to trip me and laugh in my face when i fell and scraped my knee, she would pull my hair and run and burst out laughing like torturing me gave her pleasure.After a while it turned less physical and more verbal. I never had a place to sit at lunch id sit by myself all alone until my cousin started siting with me out of... Read More

Wake Up With A Smile

This year has been really tough, not only have I lost three love ones due to cancer, old age, and kidney failure but I am now being bullied, I am in 8th grade so iv been around these kids for 2 years, I thought they were my friends but now they are not only verbally putting me down, they are also pushing me into walls and throwing my books to the ground.I’v cried myself... Read More

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