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Vinny’s Blog

May Update

May... is here and June was around the corner which meant school was almost over!!!!! School test were EVERYWHERE! It was a nightmare lol. Besides that, we were working on some new Stand GRAND clothing and more spots to travel and teach! But of course, school comes first! Gotta study for finals and get all my essays in. Click Here To Read More... Read More

April Update

April was such a great month! It was month for Alessandra's & my birthday. oh boii! 15 years old... that deservers a #HOLYTALDEO LOL. My family and I, like always went to outback, the best restaurant ever! (don't tell my pops hahaha). Delicious food, amazing laughs and telling jokes around the table, it was the best! A few weeks later it was my big sisters birthday, she turned 19, can't even... Read More

March Update

March flew by! So many great things occurred that i’ll never forgot! First was Alessandra’s show in NYC. She did amazing and all of our family and friends came to support. Great music and such a great vibe. As always my, big sis killed it! A few days later, I taught a class in Rhode Island! So many awesome GRANDerz, so kind, and so supportive, It was an awesome time. Read More

The February Update

February was such a grand month! I worked a lot and tried new things! School has been going great. As many of you know, I'm not a big fan of school, but I try to make the best of it lol! I've been practicing a lot on my dancing, working on things to teach at workshops in the future!! I planned a trip to Cali this month. As you can tell from... Read More

A January Update

Happy New Year! So excited for the 2012 to be here! So many goals I want to achieve in a short amount of time lol. January has been great so far. For New Years Eve, we all went to my amazing GRANDparent’s house for my favorite Spanish food. It’s probably the most entertaining night ever because I get to see my grandpa dance and scream all night lol. Many of you... Read More

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