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Vinny Saved My Life

Vinny seriously saved my life. When I heard his story after ABDC about how he got bullied, Something clicked. I finally felt like someone could understand. People at my school bully me constantly about how i look, that I “act weird”, or Im not a “normal” 14 year old girl. Every time they throw mean words in my face, harass me physically at school, tell me to leave because no one likes me, and... Read More

Vinny’s My Inspiration

Dear Vinny, I just want to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me and I will always support you and your decisions. You have changed my life permanently and I can’t forget what you have done. You showed me to never give up on doing what you love. Even though you don’t know me you can always make me laugh or put a smile on my when I’m down.... Read More

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