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Vinny Helps Me Deal!

Standing GRAND has helped me in SO many ways. I was never really bullied. But when I used to see someone getting bullied I’d just turn my head and sigh. Now I stand up for the person getting bullied. Vinny has inspired me in so many ways. He inspired me to dabble in dancing. (I don’t have time for it so it was difficult for me and there’s no dance schools in my area... Read More

Helpful Thoughts

Vincent, you changed me in so many ways. Before I heard of you, I would’ve been gone by now. But your inspiring words, your helpful thoughts, that’s what kept me here, and ALL I’m asking is for you to talk to me, have a conversation. Just so I can tell you all about how you saved my life. I hope you read this, and I hope we can talk, I know you’re a busy... Read More

Vinny Inspires Me In And Out of School!

My name is Katie. Vincent has inspired me outside or school, inside of school, he inspires me all the time. (: I am bullied at school by the really popular girls. They always come over to me to start drama, they make fun of my style but since i started getting into Vincent Castronovo and the ICONic BoyS that has changed. Recently, when the girls would make fun of me i would stick up... Read More

I Will Be GRAND!

Vinny helped me forget about all those bullies.. All the boys would make fun of me.. I would think that all boys were stupid.. All the ICONic Boys & Vinny aren’t they are the smartest, cutest, funniest, and best dancers I’ve ever seen.. Ever since I turned on channel 160 MTV and watched America’s Best Dance Crew for the first time, I saw them dance and set my mind to be as grand as... Read More

I Ignore Them

The reasonI’m VINSPIRED by Vinny is because when I was little my big sister would go to dance class (she was one) and would be determined to do whatever our dance teacher, Miss Sam told her to fix.. She came home one day crying because she couldn’t get a turn.. It was 6 years later.. She could do backflips, turns, chaines, EVERYTHING!! I was 6.. I looked up to her.. She never quit after that... Read More

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