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Learning Experiences!

I needed Vinny’s inspiration and I didn’t have it. Well, I didn’t hear about until the end of July. I wish I could have heard about him sooner. Well, almost a year ago my father had a stroke. He was in the hospital for almost two weeks, and he had to stay in a nursery for almost 2 months. Nobody thought he would survive. Even my mother and my sister. Except me. I kept thinking positive.... Read More

Don’t Let Them Ruin You!

Vinny has inspired me because he never gave up on his dream until he achieved it! He loves that he helped people in so many ways! By stepping up and saying to his bullies that he doesn’t care what they think. I have learned that if other people don’t like what your doing then so what, let them do what they want and don’t let them ruin you for doing what you love! I... Read More

Try New Things!

Vinny has inspired Me so much It’s to hard to explain but I will try. Just by watching him dance has inspired me to try new things and always peruse my dreams and never give up! Also by hearing his story and how he was to scared to dance until his friends encouraged him to go and he ended up loving it and by being bullied for wanting to dance:( the 3 words that... Read More

Vinny’s There For GRANDerz Like Me

Vinny’s story really changed me i when i was elementary school i was bullied for not being the prettiest and i would go home crying and i never had a real friend. Until i got older i’ve changed and have lots of friends who like me for who i am and i was always called weird and hated it till vinny said if you’re not weird you’re not grand and so now when people... Read More

No One Brings Me Down

Hi, my name is Darleen. Well 1st of course my VINspiration are the Castronovo’s. I remember when i was little I desperately wanted to be a Dancer but my family made fun of me because dancing wasn’t really in our family it was mainly softball,basketball, and football. Well i always tried to learn dances from Americas Best Dance Crew so I could prove to my family that I was good. I remember the very... Read More

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