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Welcome to Granderz Corner!

September’s topic was: How Standing GRAND has changed your life.Tell us how Vinny has inspired you, and E-Mail your stories to Bianca@StandGrand.com. Read More

The Key Phrase

I started watching ABDC during the Justin Bieber episode, I saw Vinny and the Boys and was so amazed by the talent they guys had, and Vinny immediately caught my eye. When He was talking about how He was bullied in elementary school, I was in tears, because I had been too. And In Junior high I was pretty resentful, even in high school I held grudges because of what people had done to... Read More

I Try To Help Others!

Vincent Castronovo says “He isn’t a hero,” but in my eyes, he will always be my inspiration. When I was younger I was bullied all the time for wanting to dance and sing. I would come home everyday in tears. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Now that I’m older and have learned from the mistakes and people that hurt me, I try to help out others. Hearing the story of Vinny and... Read More

Being different is GRAND

When I heard Vinny was bullied. It brought back so many flashbacks. Horrible painful flashbacks. When I was 4 years old, my Mother died due to a drive-by shooting in my neighborhood. That’s when my Father started drinking. He would abuse me daily. When I talked, if I didn’t talk. The thing is, he didn’t know what he was doing. My teachers would see the bruises and cuts but would never say anything. They wouldn’t... Read More

I overcome

Some may say that this isn’t relevant to Vinny and how he’s inspired me, but it truly is. A couple of weeks ago I was pulled out of school for who knows why. I was brought to an office where they asked me questions about my family situation and if anything has happened to me, physically and/or emotionally over the years. I was confused and scared. I was finally told what had happened which... Read More

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