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September Update

Well summer is officially over and its time for school. Even though its online, there is lots of work to do. I started taking classes in NYC again for dance now that my schedule has calmed down a bit. Practice makes perfect, and I want to get better with my dancing and choreography. Diversity is key, want to learn different styles. I started working with a great friend, choreographer dancer, mentor Jemel. He’s a backup dancer for Alicia Keys right now and is so inspirational. I love going to work with him when hes not traveling the world with Alicia! I love going to the city because besides dance, some of my friends go to school there and I barely see them, so when I’m there for classes we always meet up and have a great time! I was really thinking about my NJ GRANDerz this month and wanted to do something in my hometown. I never taught a class in NJ, so I thought it would be amazing if i planned one right here! It was held at Gallery of Dance right in Freehold NJ, and it was a great turn out. Class was so fun and i hope everyone enjoyed it as much as i did. My friends Zan and Mick assisted and helped me out. The videos are up on youtube. It was awesome! Its great to be around people who have the same interests as me and to see their amazing talent. Good luck at school everyone!! I hope you all make lifelong friends and StandGRAND through it all!

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  1. Jime ByR
    Jime ByR says
    20 February 13, 8:29pm

    Nice :) . Love from Argentina

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