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July Update

July flew by! Wow. Well let me tell you guys some of the things I did. It started off with the long awaited ‘Kuzzins Kamp’. Yes we spell it like that on purpose! Haha Seeing everyone was just amazing. We really appreciate our fam over in Houston cause we only see them about once or twice a year. The laughs we shared started from the second we walked through the door. Eating Delicious home made food, card games all night, funny prank calls, midnight trips to Whataburger, and swims in the lake were just a few of the things we did. It was a week I will never forget. I’ve been going TX since I was about 4, and I won’t stop until I’m and old man. We always used to joke and say that everyone will still go to kuzzins camp even when they’re married. ( 2 kuzzins are married and were there!)  A funny story, one night at around 3 am, our friend fell asleep and we were still downstairs playing cards and being loud and hyper… We had just brought fireworks for the fourth of july.. We spaired a few and thought it would be a clever idea to set off some firecrackers in his room while he was asleep….. I had tears coming out my eyes I was laughing so hard. We all chuckled about it and thank God our friend wasn’t mad haha.

As always, the week went by in a blink of an eye. And it was time to pack and head to PR. last time I was there I was bout 8 years old. Our grandparents always took us once a year. Then we stopped going for a while. So I was excited to go back.  We left straight from Texas, and it was time to get back to work. 787, Bebo and I had a huge workshop planned. We have been preparing and looking forward for this moment, and was finally here! The classes were packed, it all went amazing. I’m not so fancy with my Spanish, so I know it was little hard for the students to understand me, but I’ve been practicing! Hopefully next time I will be on my A game…but it was really fun to listen to all my PR GRANDerz broken english! :) It was a few months seen I have seen my 787 brothers & Bebo we had a blast together and I was so blessed to be there! I can’t wait to go back. It was time to head back to NJ, and prepare for the next trip. Our annual camping trip! Camp fires, scary stories, and junk food for 4 days straight! We had a really fun group that joined us so of course it was just lots and lots of laughs. One night my friend we THOUGHT was sleeping kept walking around outside the tent and we thought we were all done for hahaha. I guess it was payback for that Texas prank. Finally, the last trip of July. This time we went traveling on the crazy RV! We were headed to Pittsburg, Canada, Detroit and then Buffalo NY.  Every class was amazing. I was so happy to teach everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the classes if you were there. Cause I sure did. Can’t wait to get on the road again, doing what I love to do is a blessing and I’m so grateful! Thank u all:) Dont’ forget JULY 27th is the Premiere Of Step Up 4, so excited to see Bebo on the big screen. His pictures from filming the movie are at www.B-BoyBebo.com check em out! Congratz Bebo!

PS. Dont forget you can go on my facebook page to see tons of pictures from every event!!

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