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August Update

On the way home from Canada I mentioned to my grandma that Hip Hop International was going on in Vegas. Before I knew it my sisters, grandma, and I were booked on a flights the next day! HHI is such an amazing event. Had some fun by the pool and made friends from all over the world! The UK, Ireland, Los Angeles, even Australia. It was a blast getting to know kids with the same interest. One night we stayed up till 6am running around the hotel, meeting people and laughing so much, haha. Also met up with Chris Trondsen and we did some interviews! Those are always fun, especially the one i did with my sister Bianca, Alessandra was too busy working on her tan poolside so she missed out. Cant wait for HHI next year! Congrats to all who competed. It was a blast to watch.  A GRAND thank you to all the amazing GRANDerz who came to our meet and greet with such short notice! Loved meeting you guys and talking with you.

During my few days off at home I filmed my new video for Justin Bieber’s believe tour auditions! It was fun to make but stressful to do with such short notice! Thanks again to Jemel McWilliams! I wish we filmed more than just the dance so you could see more of the behind the scenes. It was a good time.

Soon after Vegas I went up to Pennsylvania with some friends for the weekend. It’s our place to relax and be lazy for a few days and I love it! Grandma made us some delicious food and Grandpa surprised us with Spanish steak and onions, So delicious. We went hiking through waterfalls and made friends with 2 baby deer and soon after the mom deer joined the party lol we pet them and they came over to the house every night at dinner time! It was really cool. There’s a loft In the Cabin, It’s not very high up so whenever my friends and I got hungry they would grab my ankles and I’d reach down to the top of the fridge and grab the chips hahah. It works out perfect when grandmas cooking dinner and she won’t let you eat junk  ;)

These last few days of summer I’m just spending quality time with my friends before some leave for college or school starts again. Every yesr we go out to dinner, someone picks a theme, this time it was animals..lol we all dress up and go out without a care in the world about what people think and have a blast! Of course I was a Lemur! hahahah  Good luck to all you GRANDerz who have already begun school and to those who haven’t yet! It’s gunna be a GRAND year!! :)

- Vinny


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  1. ale_sanchez_
    ale_sanchez_ says
    05 September 12, 9:43am

    VINNY I love ‘u SO much Glad you had a good time this summer

  2. Melissa Pressly
    Melissa Pressly says
    09 September 12, 10:43pm

    I actually got to meet you in Vegas at HHI. Thank you so much for stopping in the hallways to take a picture. :) have a fantastic online school year ;)

  3. Alyssa Campbell says
    29 September 12, 12:26pm

    Vinny, I love you soooo much. You guys definitely
    Have to come back to Sacramento California. Love
    you lots

  4. ecoprincess
    01 October 12, 8:07pm

    that’s great that you had a great summer! *i didn’t :’(* but oh well! at least you had fun before school! school’s so boring -_- and hard. curse the person who made up Algerbra 2! lol XD sorry for being random! just need to let this all out! :p

  5. ecoprincess
    01 October 12, 8:08pm

    oh and good luck on the belive audtions! #standGRAND! :D

  6. Alcaid
    Alcaid says
    27 October 12, 1:36pm


  7. Alcaid
    Alcaid says
    27 October 12, 1:40pm

    Are you guys selling beauty shirts again because I wanted one but I had no money and I’m hoping you guys put them back up so I can get it for myself this Christmas!

  8. Unknown
    Unknown says
    04 November 12, 7:56pm

    Your life is so interesting…I hope to meet you someday! I hope you’re okay from the hurricane! How’s school going this year?

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