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Vinny’s Bio

Vinny Castronovo Jr, commonly known as “Vinny”, age 15, was born on April 8th 1997 in the small town of Freehold NJ. Several months after Vinny was born, his family moved into his Grandparents home in Sayreville NJ. At age four the Castronovo family moved to Millstone NJ, where Vinny and his two older sisters Alessandra and Bianca, have spent the majority of their childhood and teenage years. Growing up in a close-knit family, Vinny grew up around music, and showed a passion for dance early on.

Vincent went through his schooling with straight A’s, and had a bright attitude towards his education. In his 5th grade year, his stance towards school rapidly changed. His marks dropped, and every morning was a battle to get him on the bus, and off to school. Most mornings began with tears. He spent his recess under a tree, writing in his marble notebook about his day, and feelings. After he caught his only companion laughing at him, Vinny went through the school days alone. After a peer spoke to Mrs.Castronovo about how hateful his teacher was towards Vinny, he was removed from the school system, while his former teacher remained at the school, with over a dozen letters in her file, containing similar stories to Vinny due to tenure. At his new school, He had classes with several cousins, and finished his 5th grade year at his transferred school, no longer the same outgoing Vinny everyone once knew. During this school year he began taking his first dance classes in 2007 (5th grade) at a small dance center. At his first recital he froze on stage. After he refused to take lessons again.

In 6th grade Vincent was put back into his old school system, where he once again, experienced continuous bullying and criticism for loving the art of dance, Vinny finally took hip-hop classes in October 2008 (6th grade) at ICON dance complex in Englishtown NJ. After 8 weeks of refusing to enter the room, Mr.Castronovo brought home sign up sheets for football. The next week Vinny took his 1st hip hop class. His schooling at ICON Dance Complex continued for 3 years, where he continued to grow in confidence, and dance.

He successfully proved to himself and others what a talented dancer he is. His 7th grade year he once again transferred to a small private school to be with his older sisters. He completed his last two years of middle school at that location, where every teacher and student was encouraging, supportive, and kind.

He has now advanced onto jazz, and advanced hip-hop classes. Even at his young age, he has performed at 1O3.5 KTU’s “Beatstock”, Madison Square Garden, and the world famous Apollo Theater. Vinny proudly represented his country when he was chosen to be on the 2010-2011 United States Dance Team! Vinny was featured in Beyonce’s “Lets Move Flash Workout” Video. He placed 2nd in Season 6 of Randy Jackson’s Americas Best Dance Crew, and has performed at many other noteworthy venues.

Vincent aspires to become a world known dancer and choreographer, all the while, spreading his fervor for dance, and telling kids his age that they should always reach for their dreams.

Starve a Bully from their power, Feed Your Soul with confidence, and ‘Stand GRAND’ against bullies no matter what people may say, or whatever may get in the  way!

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