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Welcome to Granderz Corner!

September’s topic was: How Standing GRAND has changed your life.Tell us how Vinny has inspired you, and E-Mail your stories to Bianca@StandGrand.com.


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  1. Nikki
    Nikki says
    11 September 11, 6:26pm


  2. ICONKailee
    ICONKailee says
    11 September 11, 7:12pm

    Vinny has inspired me to get back into dance and stand up for others and myself when we get bullied<3 Thanks GRANDman:)

    11 September 11, 7:17pm

    sounds fun. :D lol

  4. Hannah_Castronovo16
    Hannah_Castronovo16 says
    11 September 11, 7:18pm

    Okay!!! I will later! lol

  5. ICONicpink
    ICONicpink says
    11 September 11, 7:18pm

    this is so cute oh my god i cant. best idea ever

  6. brittgrandfab
    11 September 11, 7:18pm

    omg so doing diss

  7. hannahbubblez
    hannahbubblez says
    11 September 11, 7:19pm

    vinny has inspired me to not be afraid to do what i love! to stand up to people that bring me down and to just be myself no matter what others say. if you’re not weird…you’re not GRAND :)

  8. JennaC
    JennaC says
    11 September 11, 7:19pm

    Vinny has inspired me in so many ways. From his story, to dancing, and to him as a person. To never give up on your dreams, always believe in yourself, and to always StandGRAND.
    He inspires thousands of his GRANDerz every day, but he inspires me the most. People like vinny are the kinds of people who can really make a change in this world. And I believe that Vinny has already made HUGE impacts on peoples lives including mine. :) vinny taught me to Stand GRAND. :)

    • jasmika123
      jasmika123 says
      19 November 11, 10:00pm


  9. JosieMooney says
    11 September 11, 7:19pm

    Well it has changed my life with helping my friends with bully’s and me with bully’s!!!!!!! It helped me stand up for myself!!! I always STAND GRAND!!! When it comes to people being rude or mean to someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vinny has aslo inspired me to never give up your dreams!!!! He insipred me to be who I wanna be and nobody else!!!!!

  10. GRAND_swag
    GRAND_swag says
    11 September 11, 7:24pm

    im typing mine up and checking over it..lol i want it to be perfect!

  11. BeliebsinVinnyC
    11 September 11, 7:24pm

    best idea evaaaaaaaaar!

  12. EllieFutureCastronovo
    EllieFutureCastronovo says
    11 September 11, 7:27pm

    i am writing it noww ! (:

  13. chachi <3
    daisy arbelaez says
    11 September 11, 7:28pm

    will do(:

  14. RawritzChristine
    11 September 11, 7:31pm

    Vinny has inspired me in so many ways! He inspired me to never give up on my dreams and to always believe in myself. Also, he inspired me to StandGRAND! Not only did he inspired me but, he also inspired many other GRANDerz out there in the world<3 Also, he inspired me to be who I wanna be and not anybody else. <3 I love you vinny! <3 Once a GRANDer, always a GRANDer ♥

  15. xovannesa
    xovannesa says
    11 September 11, 7:34pm

    this is a GRAND idea:)

  16. NellyGRAND
    NellyGRAND says
    11 September 11, 7:34pm

    i send mine :) yay!

  17. Raven says
    11 September 11, 7:34pm

    Vinny taught me not to let anyone bring me down. I am who i am and if they dont like that then thats to bad.

  18. ICONicCay
    ICONicCay says
    11 September 11, 7:35pm

    Vinny… has inspired me to be myself :)
    My friend showed me the ICONic Boyz and I watched them on YouTube. Vinny, you inspired me and my friends. Now at school, whenever someone would call us wierd, we say “Thank you!” and they get all confused. You inspired me to be myself, no matter what anyone else thinks. All three of the Castronovos inspired me to believe in myself, and to be GRAND. Alessandra is a talented singer, and I love her voice. Vinny is a great dancer and I love his dougie. And Bianca just loves to have fun and be herself, and I love her personality. I love the CASTRONOVOS!! :) <3

  19. GRANDer4life101
    GRANDer4life101 says
    11 September 11, 7:40pm

    Vinny is my VINspiration!<3 im not really a dancer but when i first saw Vinny & the ICONic Boyz perform on that stage on ABDC i fell in love <3 when i heard Vinny's bullying story, i felt reaaly sad </3 i kept thinking, why would someone bully such a sweet kid that just wanted to live his dream? but Vinny's a GRANDman and didn't let it get through his way. That's why i loveee hiim <3 he inspired me to not let bullies get in my way! to not let ANYTHING stop you from what you love! & to stand GRAND <3

  20. katlynisgrand
    katlynisgrand says
    11 September 11, 7:41pm

    By standing GRAND , my life has changed a lot . When I was bullied and felt like I didn’t belong , I thought STAND GRAND ! Now whenever someone hurts me , I stay positive because of Vinny . He taught me, “Starve a Bully, Feed Your Soul, Stand GRAND”. From now on, that is the quote to help any situation I’m in . I thank Vinny for teaching me to stand up for myself and not letting haters phase me . (:

    • katlynisgrand
      katlynisgrand says
      12 September 11, 1:06pm

      i sent the FULL thing through email (:

  21. Victoria_is_a_GRANDer
    Victoria_is_a_GRANDer says
    11 September 11, 7:45pm

    Standing GRAND has changed my life because it helps me stand for what i believe in and ignore the haters an be myself and live out my Dream it made me stronger,happier and do what i love Vincent Castronovo ,Bianca Castronovo, Alessandra Castronovo you guys are my inspirations :) you guys are amazing!! :) :)

  22. GRAND.Fernanda
    GRAND.Fernanda says
    11 September 11, 7:45pm

    I just sent mine!

  23. Rebecca Fusco
    11 September 11, 7:45pm


  24. VinnyGRANDswag13
    VinnyGRANDswag13 says
    11 September 11, 7:47pm

    AHHH Gonna send my email now <3

  25. MalloryAukland says
    11 September 11, 7:48pm

    Vinny has inspired me to not be afraid to tell people my dreams and to never be scared of bullies. Standing GRAND helped me stand up for myself.

  26. Iconiac4Eva
    Iconiac4Eva says
    11 September 11, 7:50pm

    Vinny Inspired Me To Not Be Afraid To Do What You Love And Helping Freinds Or Family Getting Bullied He Showed Me To Stand Grand! When People Are Being Mean Or Rude

    Thank’s Alot Vinny! <3 :D

  27. Rebecca Fusco
    11 September 11, 8:10pm

    i just sent my story!!(= Hope you like it Bianca!!

  28. Brenna_Raven
    Brenna_Raven says
    11 September 11, 8:11pm

    Vinny has inspired me to never give up <3 and he lets us know we are good enough! :)

  29. staaygraandx3
    staaygraandx3 says
    11 September 11, 8:15pm

    i sent it (:

  30. GRANDKyleigh
    GRANDKyleigh says
    11 September 11, 8:18pm

    STANDING GRAND…… its gotten me through so much. vinny has inspired me to do whatever i want and not let anyone get me down.

  31. RhiannonIsGRAND
    11 September 11, 8:25pm

    Writing the email now :>)

  32. xoxoVinGRANDmanxoxo says
    11 September 11, 9:31pm

    Standing GRAND has made a big difference in my life! It has made me feel better about myself, and helps me to know that i shouldnt care about what other people think of me! Vinny has inspired me by not giving up my dreams and being the best that i could be! he is alsona wonderful encouragement to me! i love you Vinny! Stand GRAND!! :)

  33. RubyXGrAnDeRxJulie
    RubyXGrAnDeRxJulie says
    11 September 11, 10:16pm

    First of all vinny was a great inspiration to me and that helped me have confidence when i dance!! I use to dance but didnt like showing my family cause i thought they will make fun of me, but when i heard of stand GRAND it helped me think that i had to get out of my shell and just show my parents what i could do. And it actually turned out well, and now my family supports me! So, thankyou vinny for inspiring me and changing my life; now i stand up for anything that comes to my way and i just love dancing!:) :>)

  34. Sonya
    Sonya says
    11 September 11, 10:52pm

    Vinny inspired me to start dancing. I’m from cali and when i first saw him on ABDC i knew i wanted to dance. He inspired to to STANDGRAND no matter what people say to you because there is always someone who is going to put you down. But now i don’t care what those people say. I live life GRAND :)

  35. VinnygotSwag
    11 September 11, 11:05pm

    best idea ever. ima email Bianca right naooo (:

  36. VinnygotSwag
    11 September 11, 11:13pm

    Vinny has inspired me so much! i have never been bullied before, but he’s truley my inspiration. When i read his bio, i felt tears building up. It’s just so sad what he went though. He didn’t deserve to be bullied. This is why i love Vinny, for his strong heart and passion for dance <3.

    12 September 11, 6:48am

    writing to email right now!! lol :]

  38. JordanThegrander60
    12 September 11, 10:11am

    OMG vinny is the GRANDest of the GRAND and so is Alessandra and Biance I shoulder shine like all the time!! :) <3

  39. EleniCastronovox3
    12 September 11, 3:10pm

    i will definitly do this:)

  40. thebestGRANDer says
    12 September 11, 4:32pm

    When I was younger I was always depressed. My dad left my family, everybody would make fun of me because of my dark skin. In 5th grade I was so mad all the time I started overeating. I was 5’4 and i weighed 140 pounds. Then the ridicule would get even worse. I had no friends and often times I would think about suicide. But then I thought enough is enough. I started dancing to lose weight and I stopped having those types of thoughts. In middle school people would still make fun of me because I was dark skinned and because I have an eye problem called myasthenia gravis. Which means one of my eyes droop like a “lazy eye” then the thoughts came back. In my eighth grade yr I saw Vinny on ABDC and I was surprised that someone who seemed so cool can be bullied. I saw vinny on twitter and he was saying #standGRAND. I’ve never heard it but now i’m glad i did. Whenever someone would make fun of me now I remind myself to stand GRAND and not let them get to me because I know that i’m better than them. Now I am a cheerleader, something I thought I would NEVER DO and I love it! I love you so much for reminding me to stand GRAND it means so much that you don’t understand. and I hope you always remember to STANDGRAND! grand master vinny! and Bianca you are incredibly beautiful REMEMBER THAT ALWAYS
    - thank you castronovo’s!
    Gracie 14,

    • alexa bearugard
      alexa bearugard says
      10 October 11, 7:52pm

      YOU ARE AN INSPIRATIOM URSLEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is really something

  41. LizaCastronovo
    LizaCastronovo says
    12 September 11, 4:55pm

    Vinny has inspired me to stand up for bullying. I’ll do anything to make it stop. Plus his dancing inspires me to make mine as good as it can be.

  42. Emily Trnka says
    12 September 11, 5:02pm

    Vinny has inspired me to never care what others think of me and to always follow my dreams and do what i love! I am so blessed that Vinny has shown me to stand up to bullys and to stay grand! I don’t know what i would have done without his help. I love to dance and it would be a dream come true if i could one day dance side by side with Vinny. He is a great person and i truely adore him! Love all of you Granderz!!! Stay GRAND – Emily

  43. GRANDgirl4life
    GRANDgirl4life says
    12 September 11, 5:44pm

    vinny has inspired me in so many ways. from the moment i saw him on ABDC i was touched with his story, and this is becasue i could relate. i was bullied too and always put down. although it was becasue different reasons (jealousy) i still felt the pain he felt. it wasnt until i heard what vinnys quotes was (STARVE A BULLY, FEED YOUR SOUL) that made me realize that people cant and wont put me down. words may hurt but i know who my true friends are, and i only noticed this because of vinny. i am truley happy that he was introduced in my life and he IS my inspiration. i live by STAND GRAND and i always will <3

  44. GRANDweirdo
    12 September 11, 8:35pm

    jhdfgdyugsuyghduysh AAAWWW YEEEAAAA

  45. kimmy
    kimmy says
    12 September 11, 10:31pm

    vinny has inspired me to help other kids who are being bullied…. but it dont really help me couse when i help them out of there situations of being bullied… when i get bullied no one helps and its like why did i even help u but anyway i help other even thogh i get nothing back from them

  46. GRANDness121
    GRANDness121 says
    12 September 11, 10:32pm

    Vinny has vinspired me to open up and try new things even though i might get made fun of and stuff like that but i will NEVER let those people get me down because of him. I don’t know how mant times i could thank him for doing that for me and millions more. I would be more than overjoyed to meet him even though i live in Tennessee which is like 10 hours away from New Jersey if i could just be in the same room as him and be like 100 feet away i would be happy because i would be soo greatful so even breathe the same air as him. my hero. Vincent Castronovo Jr. I LOVE YOU and i will always be a GRANDer and support you no matter what. You are the reason i even get out of bed because you STAND GRAND and i do to LOVE you no matter what!!!!

  47. jjazzmiinee D''Annn GRAND
    jjazzmiinee D''Annn GRAND says
    12 September 11, 10:53pm

    vinnys has inspired me to not care what others think of me and to live life my way!!
    also to be myself and not change for anyone!! vinny is not only cute but and amazing
    dancer!! he followed his dreams and look at where he is now….i believe if i do the same ill
    get to where i want to go in life!! :) STAND GRAND has helped me look at life in a different
    perspective and how to deal with situations!! thank you vinny for the inspiration and for just
    being u beautiful you!!! :)

  48. MrsCastronovoLove says
    13 September 11, 5:32pm

    Vinny has inspired me because I have been dancing for about 11 years now and I get made fuin of everyday because i take a dance class called Clogging. But I take Ballet, Jazz and HipHop too but everyday i get called mean names, bad words, made fun of and even i get hit sometimes but every scene I saw the Kanye West one of ABDC I have STAND GRAND and standed up for myself. I just hope one day I will be expected for what I do as a dancing jsut liek VInny

  49. GRANDer4lifeandfuture
    13 September 11, 9:12pm

    Vinny taught me that its doesn’t matter what age you are you could do what you always wanted to do

  50. GuyGRANDerSwag says
    13 September 11, 10:35pm

    I wrote a VERY long E-Mail :D

  51. Amber_GRANDer2
    Amber_GRANDer2 says
    14 September 11, 8:28am

    Vinny has Inspired many people including me. He has inspired me to stand up for me and for other people. Also to do what you want to do and not for people to bring me down. I can’t believe Vinny was bullied it meakes he sad that he was :( But now I will always remember to Stand GRAND !!! :D

  52. GRANDBaileyy
    GRANDBaileyy says
    14 September 11, 10:34am

    Vinny has inspired me to do many things. I have learned from him that it is okay to be weird, because if you are not weird, then you are not GRAND! I have also learned that you can do anything! No matter what age, race, ethnicity, reliogion you are! I have also learned to starve a bully! I have been bullied for over 5 years and I have tried so many things, but when I heard ”Starve a bully, feed your soul” I felI it the connection and immediatly

    • GRANDBaileyy
      GRANDBaileyy says
      14 September 11, 10:38am

      I stuck to it! And Alesssandra has inspired me with her song ”Beautiful you” Everytime I get bulliedI sing this song and I realize how much I don’t care about what the bully says

  53. larissalovesvinnyc
    larissalovesvinnyc says
    14 September 11, 4:10pm

    yess loving the idea

  54. thatsgrand says
    14 September 11, 5:35pm

    Vincent Castronovo Jr,
    You have inspired me in so many more ways that you could ever understand or know. I look up to you for many reasons. Some of them are, your inspiring story, your personality, and your strive to always do better. Your story has made one of the biggest impacts on my life. I now look at every single person I know and think, maybe I shouldn’t treat this person this way, because they could be struggling in the same way that Vinny was. I never know anyones story, and now after seeing what you went through I do know that words actually hurt. I always wonder how you seem to stay so positive and encouraging. I’ve never seen you mad, upset, or frustrated. No matter what’s going on, everyday I think if Vinny can put the biggest and cutest smile on no matter what, then I should be able to also! You always strive to make every single grander feel happy and noticed. I really am glad about the fact that you didn’t let fame get to you. You inspire me Vinny, and I will always look up to you no matter what.
    -Arlie Debra May

  55. debbie.kon
    debbie.kon says
    14 September 11, 5:45pm

    Vinny has inspired me in so many ways. He inspired me, to be my self. To ignore what haters say, to love your self, to believe. Vinny has inspired thousands of people around the world. I learned that it’s okay to be weird, because if your not weird your not GRAND(: Also, no matter what age you are, you CAN dance! Vinny always makes me smile, whenever he comments/likes my posts, it always makes me happy. He always cheers me up! I quit dance last year, he inspired me to go back(: I hope, i really hope someday i’ll meet all of the Castronovo’s, best family ever(: Vincent Castronovo, this fourteen year old boy.. changed my life, and i wanted to say thank you<3I love you vinny, I'll never forget the you, you inspired me to believe(: Always, will stay in my heart.<3

  56. Grander4Life613
    Grander4Life613 says
    14 September 11, 6:00pm

    Vinny has inspired me in so many ways that I don’t know where to begin <3

  57. Deja Castronovo
    Deja Castronovo says
    14 September 11, 6:52pm

    Vincent has inspired me AND just basicly chnged my life. i used to care what people actualy said about me and try to change for them.and i thought they were my freinds. but vinny showed me tht if they dont like u for u….their NOT ur freinds. i was getting insecure about myself, Now i dont care what people say about me. i know im a beautiful GRANDer and if they dont see it then thtz their loss. i believe in myself waayyy more then b4. i be myself and the people who like tht are my tru FREINDS. ”Starve a Bully Feed Your Soul.” STAND GRAND” <————- i live by those words.i never knew how words can mean soo much <3 I LOVE U VINCENT ALESSANDRA, BIANCA AND THE WHOLE CASTRONOVO FAMILY. SUPPROTING FOREVER <3333

  58. GRANDerGoneCrazy
    GRANDerGoneCrazy says
    14 September 11, 7:11pm

    Vinny has inspired me i so many ways i can’t say them all but here are some.
    First i have been bullied just like him and he has helped me STAND my GRAND (ground).
    Second he has made his dream come true and i have really haven’t tried. My dreams are to ether become a actress, vet ,or photographer for bop magazine. He has inspired so many people thats GRAND. You might still wonder why Vinny left the boyz well to much fame to much attention. STAND GRAND follow me on twitter @ MrsLouisDipippa thanks and follow please

  59. riribeanz
    riribeanz says
    14 September 11, 8:04pm

    this website is awesome,,,,,,,,,,,

  60. michelle castronovo says
    17 September 11, 1:22am
  61. PaolaStaysGRAND
    PaolaStaysGRAND says
    17 September 11, 1:08pm

    I love Vinny<3

  62. 17 September 11, 5:51pm

    omg this is sooo GRAND !!! :D

  63. IluvVinny250
    IluvVinny250 says
    17 September 11, 6:27pm

    Vinny inspired me to keep dancing no matter what other people told me and also to stand upi for me and my friends when we get bullied. :) Thnx Vinny!

  64. Ravina Castronovo;)
    GRANDestICONiac_12 says
    17 September 11, 7:09pm

    How has standing GRAND changed my life? Oh, honey, lemme tell you! Standing GRAND just reminded me, to treat everyone like you want to be treated. Being a bully doesn’t solve ANYTHING! My definition of standing GRAND is to stay strong and believe that you can do anything. But, I wouldn’t have known that without Vinny. Thank you sooooo much Vinny, I am much better today then before. I stay true to myself and always do what I can to do what I dream of. Worst comes to worst, I have my virtual Vinny in my mind to keep me grounded and be happy with who I am. Nothing, and no one will change me, or make fun of me. Because if they do, the easiest thing for anyone to do is cry about it. I will do the opposite. I will stand GRAND and kill them with kindness. Ignore and think of the positives…like family, pets, or Vinny;) Thanks for taking the time to read this! STAND GRAND to all the GRANDerz! And STAND GRAND our GRANDer KING!!! :) :):):):):):)

  65. xxxSheIsLovexxx
    xxxSheIsLovexxx says
    17 September 11, 11:55pm

    The question isn’t “How has Vinny inspired you”, The real question is “How hasn’t Vinny inspired me?”

  66. EleniCastronovox3
    18 September 11, 9:30am

    Woww were do i start?
    Vinny inspires me soooooo much, I’m not saying that because he’s cute and because he was on ABDC. But I do say this because he inspires me each and everyday to get out of bed and go to school each day. Now I know to stand up for myself when I get bullied, thanks to Vinny. He also inspires me to keep dancing everyday. Dance is my passion and life and what keeps it that way is Vinny. Now I will never stop dancing because I know that what my talent is:D He has inspired over one million people, he has more fans then Justin Bieber. He is the most talented person I have ever seen. I really hope to meet my biggest inspiration one day:)

    *There alot more reasons but it would be really long to read:D

    Love your biggest fan (literally ur biggest fan),
    Eleni Georgiadis

  67. GRANDlizbeth
    18 September 11, 2:59pm

    vinny inspired me to be myself no matter what people say , I used to sit under a tree and wonderd why people hated me but the first time i saw ABDC thats when i learned to be myself :D

  68. Mariah Hailey
    Mariah Hailey says
    18 September 11, 5:02pm

    Vinny has changer my life so much!! He has changed it because when i heard the meaning of GRAND i was all you know what all those people that bullied me and still do. I am not gonna let them get to me! I am way better than them!! I am will be the bigger person! Thats on reason Vinny has changed me life!

  69. Hannah (Castronovo) Watson
    Hannah (Castronovo) Watson says
    18 September 11, 6:43pm

    Yea Buddy, I LUV YA VINNY

  70. Grand_Anna
    Grand_Anna says
    19 September 11, 11:32pm

    Well Vinny Has inspired me in Many many Ways.. I’ve Learned That No matter what people say you should always Go for what you wish & Dream For… I was a Dancer Myself until people said by me dancing i wasn’t gonna get anywhere in life so i Quit. But my dance teacher is asking me to join again but i don know.. i Actually need Help :( To me dancing is a happy feeling and a way of expressing your self and who you really are… Yess I’ve Been Bullied before and it isn’t a very good Feeling.. but as the time i got Bullied i always had a best friend i knew sense birth until now have my back.. So Thanks To Vincent Castronovo I’ve Learned To stand Tall and achieve my Hopes and Dreams And To STAND GRAND! :D

  71. Vianca TrueGrander
    Vianca TrueGrander says
    20 September 11, 8:21pm

    Okaii :) but How :)

  72. 21 September 11, 7:39pm

    Vinny has inspired me in soo many wayz!!! The word StandGrand isnt just a word it actully means something to me he is the reason I alwayz have a smile on my face!! His story almost brought me to tears how he would cry all the time it just breaks and tears my heart like how when somebody tears a piece of paper! Before I knew about Vinny I got bullied over facebook by who I though was my friend and it happen out of nowhere really I was soo confused I didnt know why he was treating me like I had no feelings I mean I didnt do anything to him! Words hurt more than actully hitting someone they doo alot! He called my all these things and I couldnt take it any longer I just went up to my balcony all alone and started crying my eyez out! It hurt soo bad!! then I found out about Vinny and I got into a fight with the guy that bullied me agian esept I wasnt the victim in this case it was my bestfriend I couldnt stand it soo I went to his facebook and I told him to stop!! and he just started saying stuff about me but it was diffenernt this time I didnt feel the pain it was like I had a shield around me because all that time I remembered about Vinny soo I just stood Grand and the words didnt hurt!! He also inspires me to be me!! To be confident and do what I wnat t do ndnot let anyone bring me down!!! he also inspires me to do what I want to!! To become a singer and work hard and follow my dream until it comes reallity!!
    Because of Vinny and because of Jesus Christ I stood Grand agianst bullies I am not afraid to be me!!!
    STANDGRAND<3 :) V-inny Castronovo I-inspiring N-ot giving up N-O negativeness Y-oung!!!!
    <3<3<3 ;) that how Vinny is inspiring

  73. Jaynaracer611
    Jaynaracer611 says
    21 September 11, 8:17pm

    Standing grand changed my life by inspiring me to attempt to put an end to bullying at my school. I am running for student council and heres my speech. Hi, I’m Jayna Schmittinger. Today I would like to address you on the topic of me running for student council. The topics I would like to tackle are having more fun in the classroom but most of all bullying. For my 1st topic I think we can have more fun in the classroom by doing more activities instead of sitting and taking notes… like who would want to do that… boring right? Of course. Second of all I am the victim of bullying also I see many people in this room who I know are bullied, because I see it happening. Now to tackle bullying instead of Mr. Engh coming around and giving us his lecture I was thinking we could have another student do it because students are probably more likely to listen to other students than a teacher. Also I have an inspiration behind my fight against bullying, and his name is Vincent Castronovo Jr. He was the victim of bullying and he switched schools, and when I was in 5th grade a kid changed schools because he was bullied so much. The Bully Project states that it is estimated that over 18 million kids will be bullied every year. On Wednesday night I read an article on the internet about a boy who committed suicide because he was bullied. I want to stop bullying in Slinger Schools so we don’t have any suicides and hopefully other schools will get inspired. Anyways Vinny is now 14 and has been on America’s Best Dance Crew and has achieved many things. I hope his words will encourage you to end bullying. “Starve a bully from their power, feed your soul with confidence, and Stand GRAND against bullies no matter what people may say or whatever may get in the way!” Now Vinny said that and I remember that every day. So let’s stand grand together and end bullying in Slinger Schools by voting me, Jayna Schmittinger, into student council.

  74. caitlinlovesvinny1
    caitlinlovesvinny1 says
    22 September 11, 11:39am

    amazingg idea! i love vinny soo much and bianca<3

  75. castronovoisGRAND
    castronovoisGRAND says
    22 September 11, 5:37pm

    to stand GRAND has maade a differencce<3

  76. GRANDer for life<3
    22 September 11, 9:11pm

    vinny has inspired me to follow my dreams and NEVER give up! and no matter what ppl say to stay GRAND because theres always ppl out there for u ! I LOVE YOU VINNY <3 you have FOREVER CHANGED MY LIFE<3

  77. Vinnys-GRANDer
    22 September 11, 9:31pm


  78. Sam♥ says
    22 September 11, 9:34pm


    • jasmika123
      jasmika123 says
      20 November 11, 11:55am

      GRANDerz are the best STAND GRAND GRANDerz!!!

  79. Katie Marie
    Katie Marie says
    23 September 11, 4:48pm

    I just did but do they anwser back???

  80. Katie Marie
    Katie Marie says
    23 September 11, 5:05pm

    Does Vincent Anwser backk??

  81. Catie
    Catie says
    24 September 11, 11:57am
  82. ROCIO101
    ROCIO101 says
    24 September 11, 2:38pm

    vinny has inspired me by telling me to never give up on your dreams no matter wat people thinks about them

  83. VincentCisGrand
    VincentCisGrand says
    24 September 11, 3:27pm

    Vinny inspires me to go to school and do my best no matter what don’t let people bring me down and just stand GRAND:)

  84. DanceIsLife(:
    27 September 11, 7:06pm

    Standing Grand has changed my life by teaching me that no matter what ANYBODY says to always live my life and do what I want to do. And that dance can bring out the best in you and take you so many places(:

  85. StandGRANDerz
    StandGRANDerz says
    27 September 11, 7:57pm

    ALL THE CASTRONOVO’S inspire me..I love them so much… They have taught me to not be afraid to be myself..and always have confidence..AND I LOVE BEING GRAND!!!<3 I'm naturally GRAND!! Hahaha No one can change that..I love you guys!! xoxo Claire

  86. Alyssa♥
    Alyssa♥ says
    29 September 11, 4:50pm

    all the castronovos inspire me .. but expecally vinny..
    since the 6th grade i have been bullied. ive been called every name…true or not true.. i didnt know what to do & i almost started to cut..luckly ABDC season 6 started or else i dont know where i would be right now. vinnny taught me to stay strong & alwasy stay positive..but mostly to STAND GRAND! i love him. if i ever got to meet him i would probably cry. long story short. Vincent Castronovo Jr. has changed my life for the better♥

  87. i <3 grandman
    i <3 grandman says
    29 September 11, 8:56pm

    i love u sooo much vinny! u showed me that anything can happen it you try and believe, you showed me not to judge people! you and the boyz have changed my life! you’ve showed me how to be strong! i luv you soo much!

  88. Ari
    Ari says
    30 September 11, 3:42pm

    how did standing GRAND changed my life!? well first, people bullied me alot! they always bullied me because of my accent! before, i didnt mind them. because i dont want to fight with anyone especially im here in Hawaii for only 2 years.. then i saw ICONic Boyz and Vinny on ABDC! when i heard that they got bullied because of dancing, i cried! then Vinny said STAND GRAND! i thought to myself that maybe if i STAND GRAND people will not gonna bully me anymore! and i was right! now, the people that bullied me before, are my friends!! they’re GRANDerz too^_^ just wanna say THANK YOU VINNY FOR TEACHING , not only me, BUT ALL THE GRANDerz to STAND GRAND^_^ be safe, God Bless and STAY GRAND(:

  89. GRANDprincess says
    01 October 11, 10:00pm

    TBH dancing isnt for me although, not just vinny but all the ICONic Boyz inspierd (cant spell) one of my close friends to dance TBH he inspierd her so much that she started our schools dance team. good job vin.

  90. Steff GRANDer
    Steff GRANDer says
    01 October 11, 11:26pm

    Standing GRAND has changed my life so much. I have learned to stick up for what I believe and let nothing stand in my way of accomplishing my dreams. Vinny has taught me to follow my dreams and that is exactly what I am doing in pursuing my dreams to be an actress. Standing GRAND has also earned me a GRAND nickname Im called “the bully stopper” at school because I always and i mean ALWAYS do as much as I can to stop bullying in school and people always thank me for it. It makes me feel happy that thanks to Vincent and Standing GRAND I have become a better person and for this I thank Vincent sooooo much.! So thank you Vincent for vINSPIRING me and many GRANDers.! I will support you 100% so keep up the good work and keep on Standing GRAND I love you<3

  91. sammycastronovo says
    02 October 11, 7:07am

    Vinny has changed my life so much i’ve learnt that you dont have to be a certain age to live your dream and to always stand GRAND so thank you GRANDman for changing my life i will never forget you and you’ll always have a special place in my heart xxxxxxxxxxx I LOVE YOU VINNY!

  92. ilalaloveiconicboyz
    02 October 11, 11:53am

    How Standing GRAND changed my life? Well before I knew about Vinny and the other Boyz, I was constantly getting bullied/picked on for the randomest reasons, but mostly because I wasn’t like everyone else and that I was, what they would call “overweight”. While everyone was trying to be “cool” I was just being me. After numerous times, I hated my life. I figured that I should’ve ended it. One day, I had made up my mind about suicide, then I turned on the tv and it was ABDC, I saw Vinny and his story about getting bullied and I figured that I didn’t want to waste my life over some stupid people. So I confronted my bullies and I even got some new friends. I proved to the bullies that I was gonna do whatever I did wether they liked it or not. So yeah, there’s my story. So that’s how Standing GRAND changed my life and I’m pretty dang happy. So thank you for saving my life, literally. Thanks Vinny, Bianca and Alessandra. You three taught me that I’m beautiful no matter what, you taught me to Stand GRAND, you taught me to be myself, because it’s better to be yourself than anyone else.♥

  93. lilubrownie
    lilubrownie says
    03 October 11, 8:03pm

    Standing GRAND is something I do for me and for others. I’ve never been bullied, but if people try to put me down, I think that it can’t hurt me because I’m GRAND. And I’m GRAND for other people also. A boy was bulling somebody in my 2nd period class and he was calling him stupid and retarted. Then I looked at him and said,”Why don’t you shut up and leave him alone.” And the whole class went “Ooohhh !” and I felt very good because he looked at everyone and stopped. And to be honest, I’ve done that ever since I was little, I’ve always stuck up for anyone being bullied. Plus, I always say GRAND haha[; I tell people,”Have a GRAND day !” and people ask me how I’m doing, and I say GRAND. [: Vinny has changed my life ♥ I wonder why people would bully Vincent… He has an amazing talent, a gift. I bet you anything that people that bullied him now think that they could be as talented as him. Vinny went from that, to an (v)inspiring person that has thousands of fans. None of you will probally read this because I posted this on the site, not through e-mail… But if Vinny, Bianca, or Alessandra reads this, I love you all and have inspiried me to Stand GRAND. [; <3

  94. ClaireStuder(;
    08 October 11, 1:26pm

    Vinny has shown many things. He’s shown that standing GRAND can help you do the impossible(:

  95. LTGRANDer says
    09 October 11, 3:16pm

    <3 I love Vinny(:

  96. Dana
    Dana says
    10 October 11, 1:04am

    His words saved my life, on more then 1 occasion, plain and simple.

  97. maddien99
    maddien99 says
    10 October 11, 5:00pm

    vinny has inspired me because he showed me to believe in my self and to stand up for each other and to never bully anybody because it hurts the people that are getting bullied so always standGRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  98. alexa bearugard
    alexa bearugard says
    10 October 11, 7:49pm

    I have been inspired so much by Vinny. I love to sing alot and I am the shyest person alive but i have over come some of my fears of singing in public. At parties I sing to all my friends and i am the locker room entertainment! Vinny inspired me to not be so shy and express myself:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  99. hi.
    10 October 11, 9:11pm

    Standing GRAND showed me not to care what people say about me & keep my head held high & Stay GRAND.(: <3

  100. Jessica Foxx
    29 October 11, 6:19pm

    Vinny is such a huge inspiration to me because he taught me to keep persevering in what you love and don’t let anyone else bring you down :) I, myself have never been bullied but I have been a bystander. Obviously being young, you can easily get swayed into following the crowed at the price of not being bullied yourself. I learned that it’s just as bad too be a bystander and not do anything. When you see others being bullied instead of just standing there and ignoring it, hoping that it’s gonna work out for them, do something about it. Help someone out, simply because your GRAND and know that you could make a big impact in their life by just lending them a hand or sticking up for them. Last week, I witnessed a boy in my year being teased for liking to sing opera, everyone was calling him gay and saying that singing was stupid and that it’s not for boys. Even his on friends told him to leave it because THEY didn’t like that style of music.They mimicked his singing voice, and I even question: what type of friends are they? :’( .Remembering what Vinny had said, I stood up for the guy and said that he had the right to sing, he has a voice. It’s his choice and opinion on what he wants to do. They have no authority to tell him otherwise. Despite the fact that I had a fight with the group of guys and was later sent to a “problem session” to sort it out, I knew that it was all for the right reasons :) When I saw the guy being bullied smile at me, I felt that it was all worth it! <3

    Thanks for teaching me to Stand Grand, for myself and for others as well :) xxx

    05 November 11, 7:01pm

    stand grand showed me i can be any thing i want and i pick dancin
    and dont care what anybody say

  102. Sam
    Sam says
    09 November 11, 4:01am

    Stand Grand showed me that I can do what I want. I don’t need any one to tell me otherwise. I don’t like sports. I love Music. I chose Music. No one , not even my family, can say you have to do sport. I don’t care if everyone else did sports. I’m me being me. No one can lead me to what I want to do.

  103. FIO<3
    FIO<3 says
    10 November 11, 6:10pm

    ok i just sent mine

    • jasmika123
      jasmika123 says
      20 November 11, 8:18pm

      jasmine jessica kaitlyn is what jasmika stands for!love you vinny bianca alessandra!

  104. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    19 November 11, 9:18pm

    i love the castronovos i want to meet u guys sooooo bad!!!!

    • jasmika123
      jasmika123 says
      19 November 11, 9:24pm

      i love u vincent castronovo =D

  105. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    19 November 11, 9:30pm

    VINNY HAS INSPIRED me so much :D luv u vinny

  106. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    19 November 11, 9:35pm

    bianca and alessandra are so pretty!!!:D

  107. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    19 November 11, 9:49pm

    vinny you have inspired so many people around the world and for all those people who bullied you should feel stupid right now because you are the one who followed your dream and never gave up and those bullies are just mad beacause your hot and a fantastic dancer and there not :D STARVE A BULLY FEED YOUR SOUL STAND GRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3

  108. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    20 November 11, 11:52am

    hi vinny alessandra bianca!!!:D

  109. KaitlynReneeGRAND
    28 November 11, 7:37pm

    I know i’m late.. But.
    Not only has Vinny inspired me , but the Castronovo’s have. They are an amazing family, they are proud to have eachother ! They incourage others to look up to there dreams and reach new heights. That’s what they have done for me. My dream is to meet the Castronovo’s & i won’t give up until’ i meet them. They are a big inspiration to me. I feel like sometimes they don’t notice the things i write on facebook, or the things I say. but i know that they do. They are very busy & i understand that , and you have to understand. They have inspired me to not let anyone push me around & stick up for my rights and what i love. & if someone calls me wierd.. i just say ‘if you’re not wierd… you’re not GRAND<3' and then they have nothing to say. Vincent, Bianca, Alessandra thanks for all you have done in my life. i know it might not seem like alot but just by reading this or replying means the world to me. You have made a huge impact in my life. keep going on with your singing alessandra, become a beautiful model bianca & keep on dancing vinny and ill just keep dreaming to someday meet all of you !
    stay GRAND <3
    -Kaitlyn Renee' Hall

  110. GRANDNinja787229
    GRANDNinja787229 says
    30 November 11, 7:43pm

    Vinny has inspired me to STAND GRAND by not letting anybody bring me down from my dreams.

  111. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    09 December 11, 7:29pm

    aww his dance class is sold out

  112. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    09 December 11, 8:05pm

    i am so angry that the thing vinny is teaching the hip-hop dance class i showed my mom and she said where are they doing it at and i said in manhatten and she said really and then i said yeah and she said thats not bad(meaning like its not far away because we live in bellville new jersey) so she said do you want to go and i said YES so i was so excited i couldnt wait but like later on we looked up on the computer and it said sold out then my eyes got watery then i punched the computer (but the computer still works) and now im super mad i screamed into my pillow because i really wanted to meet you guys so bad i love you guys now if all the people thats going there have already met you guys im going to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad because you dont know how long ive been wanted to meet you guys that woudlve been the best day ever i would be the happiest girl on the planet but now im the saddest girl on the planet i wish it wasent sold out i love you guys and ive been wanted to learn dancing from you vinny i love you and your dancing you are an amazing dancer and i would do anything just to see you dance in person and me dancining while your teaching the dance class i will never forget that day well i guess its to late=’( =’(
    i really wish i could meet youuuuuuu i love you with all my heart vincent jr your my vinspertion i l<3ve you =') and from this day on you will always be my vinspertion because i love you=')

    • jasmika123
      jasmika123 says
      09 December 11, 8:12pm

      jasmine isabella feliciano im the one that wrote the long sentence jasmine isabella feliciano is your #1 GRANDer<3 =)

  113. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    09 December 11, 8:16pm

    know i’m late.. But.
    Not only has Vinny inspired me , but the Castronovo’s have. They are an amazing family, they are proud to have eachother ! They incourage others to look up to there dreams and reach new heights. That’s what they have done for me. My dream is to meet the Castronovo’s & i won’t give up until’ i meet them. They are a big inspiration to me. I feel like sometimes they don’t notice the things i write on standgrand.com but i know that they do. They are very busy & i understand that , and you have to understand. They have inspired me to not let anyone push me around & stick up for my rights and what i love. & if someone calls me wierd.. i just say ‘if you’re not wierd… you’re not GRAND<3' and then they have nothing to say. Vincent, Bianca, Alessandra thanks for all you have done in my life. i know it might not seem like alot but just by reading this or replying means the world to me. You have made a huge impact in my life. keep going on with your singing alessandra, become a beautiful model bianca & keep on dancing vinny and ill just keep dreaming to someday meet all of you !
    stay GRAND <3
    -jasmine isabella feliciano

  114. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    09 December 11, 8:51pm

    vin i love u and ur family soooo much! u guys tought me(kaitlyn ann feliciano)and my two older sisters(jessica & jasmine)to stand GRAND no matter what happens! u and ur sisters bianca and alessandra are so funny! when i see you guys i always smile(= alessandra u are a GRAND singer! i love all ur songs that u sing! my fave is HERO! that song reminds me of u because u are my HERO! i also love ur song BEAUTIFUL YOU! it reminds me of u because ur BEAUTIFUL! i also love these songs u sing HAPPINESS,RELEASE ME,I APPRECIATE YOU,WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER,WISHING ON A STAR,SO INTO YOU,and FOR YOU! bianca u are so funny and pretty! i love ur ustreams but i never saw one of them just pictures of it! vin u are so cute and funny and a GRAND dancer! ur mom is so funny and pretty and ur dad is so funny and handsome! love ur biggest GRANDer ever kaitlyn ann feliciano<3<3<3

  115. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    10 December 11, 8:13pm

    its not sold out anymore=) but i cant go anyway because my dad and my aunt and other people i asked said no and some of them work on saturday and my mom doesnt know how to get there so now ill maybe never get to meet you guys=( and i really wanted to learn how to dance from you vinny=\ my mom said that we can meet you daniela,vincent,alessandra,bianca,and vincent jr if you guys come to new jersey or new york or pennslylvania then she will take us or someone else would take us and if its not that much money then i would be excited i really hope i could meet you guys and i really hope you guys go to one at least one of those places it would really mean alot to me if you guys go to one of those places thats the most thing i want for christmas is to meet you guys the castronovos thats the most thing i want i dont care when or where i meet you guys i just want to meet you guys and if i ever meet you guys on my birthday that would be the best birthday in my life because my birthdays on december 19,1998 the most thing i want in my life is to meet you guys and ill never forget you guys you guys will always be in my heart i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu guys<3<3<3<3muah

    • jasmika123
      jasmika123 says
      10 December 11, 8:19pm

      the long story this certain someone wrote was from jasmine isabella feliciano i keep on for getting to put my name after im writing something:)

  116. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    10 December 11, 8:16pm

    please PLEASE come to pennslylvania,new york or belleville new jersey or somewhere in new jerseyPLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  117. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    10 December 11, 8:57pm

    castronovos can you PLEASE in the summer come to pt.pleasent beach in new jersey july 9th and stay in the sand pebbles beach hotel beacuase my family goes there always since we were little and we stayed in the same hotel we always went in the month of july but we went on diffrent days this year when we go were going to stay from monday then leave sunday so were staying there for a whole week and i really hope you guys can go and if you do we get to meet you hopefully that would be the best vaction ever! i love you guys love your #1 GRANDer jasmine isabella feliciano=) <3

  118. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    10 December 11, 9:06pm

    bianca-pretty,funny,GRAN:D<3<3<3LOVE U!
    alessandra-pretty,funny,great singer,GRAN:D<3<3<3LOVE U!
    vinny-cute,funny,awesome dancer,GRAN:D<3<3<3LOVE U!

  119. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    16 December 11, 4:27pm

    lol its sold out(the dance class) because everyone loves vinny and wants to meet him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad like ME kaitlyn ann feliciano im 10 and my birthday is march 17

  120. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    18 December 11, 4:45pm

    december 19 is my two sisters birthday jessica and jasmine happy b day!!!!=)

  121. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    18 December 11, 4:46pm

    i put =)

  122. jasmika123
    jasmika123 says
    20 December 11, 9:33am

    vinny where are you going next on your tour?

  123. morgan
    morgan says
    10 February 12, 2:08pm

    I think standing grand and Vinny has made a huge diffrence in everyone including me. I think that Vinny is an amazing dancer and he inspires me because he stands up to bullies and ignores them and just forgets about them. I also love hes sayings like “Starve a bully feed your soul”. so keep standing grand because u inspire so many people!!!

    Morgan Barnhart

  124. morgan
    morgan says
    10 February 12, 8:42pm

    hi i was wounering, I was thinking about buying a purple bag but there all sold so i was woundering when they will be in stock again?

  125. GRANDer<3
    GRANDer<3 says
    04 March 12, 9:45pm

    you have changed my life. so much it is hard to explain.

    Hi, My name is Grace Catlin in 5th grade, one of my bestfriends started to cut herself. i was the only one who new, and i made me feel extremely sad, i couldnt get her to stop. I told her not to listen to anybody and that she was beautiful and wasnt ugly. but she wouldnt listen, and just got worse one day someone made fun of her and i stood up for her and told that person to back off, but they didnt and she was so hurt that IN SCHOOL she got her pencil and started to cut herself. it made cry. that year she tried to commit suicide. i cried so hard that now one of my eyes doesnt let tears out anymore (which i think is weird) the reason i cried is because she told me she was going to do it. i didnt no it didnt work because the next day she wasnt in school. turns out her mom found out what she was doing and kept her home from school for the rest of the week, i visited her everyday. this year (6th grade) she was still having problems but it was better because we went to a new school, and most of the kids that made fun of her went to the other middle school. she tried again to commit suicide. i knew that enough was enough so i showed he Stand GRAND. it hit her really hard and she started to just right an right about it. and it was like the old her was back. i am so happy and thankful for stand GRAND. you saved one of my bestfriends. thank you(:

    • Unknown
      Unknown says
      04 November 12, 8:15pm

      Oh my goodness. You have been through so much Grace. I praise you for being so strong.

    ILOVEVINNYC.23 says
    22 April 12, 2:48pm

    I have to say living in a place where Famous people hardly comes VINNY And the ICONIC BOYZ inspired me so much making me notice that dancing can be your life i been bullied before so i know how it feels i never loved dancing like i do now my whole life is dancing i finally dance in front of my whole school and i was nervous but i felt good thank god VINNY WAS IN MY LIFE to show me what dancing really meant it not to show people that we are better than you it showing then that we have a passion and we want to show you I LOVE YOU VINNY im a GIRL from a small CITY LIVING MY DREAM
    SELENA NUNEZ 13 yrs old 7th grade From GREEN BAY WISCONSIN

  127. GRAND3r_doe
    29 June 12, 5:38pm

    Stand GRAND changed my life in a few ways. It made me realize that cutting & not eating enough isn’t gonna help me fufill my dreams. So thank you Cenzo. x

  128. Unknown
    Unknown says
    04 November 12, 8:12pm

    Stand GRAND has given me self-esteem. It has given me the confidence to do the right think and stand up for myself. I also am standing up for other people. I am staying true to myself now, because lately I was changing my personality to please others. I have been going through a had time recently, and whenever I just log into my Stand GRAND account, I just feel better. Thank you, Vinny.

  129. Unknown
    Unknown says
    04 November 12, 8:19pm

    Before Stand GRAND, I was going through a really tough time for many reasons–not just my failure of a social life. No one knows this, but I considered suicide. Stand GRAND has changed my outlook on myself and everyone else. I now have something else to give me strength. My life has improved thanks to Vinny. You saved me.

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