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The Key Phrase

I started watching ABDC during the Justin Bieber episode, I saw Vinny and the Boys and was so amazed by the talent they guys had, and Vinny immediately caught my eye. When He was talking about how He was bullied in elementary school, I was in tears, because I had been too. And In Junior high I was pretty resentful, even in high school I held grudges because of what people had done to me, and there He were taking that and using it as an advantage to help people. With the bullying I let it tear me down and tear me down. I Let myself thing I was nothing, I finally decided to make a change and the thing that helped me most was the 14 year old dance who keyed the phrase Stand GRAND. Vinny is a hero, he is. He is a hero to me, because of him I know the significance of my talents and abilities and I know I can use them to make other people happy and make other people feel loved. I’m a singer. That’s what I am and because of Vinny, I KNOW I can Dream Big and follow my dreams! I try and look at everything in a positive light now, if you aren’t trying to be happy why should you be? ¬†Vinny, Thank you, I look forward to the day I can talk to you and thank you, You really are an inspiration, Thank you for teaching me how to Stand GRAND.



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  1. ICONic_babe
    ICONic_babe says
    10 October 11, 4:42pm

    the phrase Stand GRAND is one of the 4 phrases that i live by. and i know how Vinny&Bianca, feel. i am always being bullied cuz of what i look like, how i act, what i do, how i do things, basically for being me! I dont EVER want ANYONE to have to feel what i have felt, cuz trust me, it doesnt feel good. i am one of MILLIONS of people that get bullied everyday, but i dont let that effect me, because i think of what Vinny would do. the month of October is National Bully Free Month, along with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I only wish i could meet Vinny one day and tell him face-to-face how thankful i am to have him in my life, and to know that there is always someone who knows EXACTLY how i feel. the phrase Stand GRAND is always in the back of my mine, along with NEVER SAY NEVER, DREAM BIG, and STARVE A BULLY, FEED YOUR SOAL, STAND GRAND!!!

    YOU ARE MY GRAND-Man, Vinny!!!! love you! <3 #MuchLove Tracy Bradshaw

    • Haileelovesvinny
      Haileelovesvinny says
      17 November 11, 1:44pm

      OMG, I stick by all for of those phrases too :D

  2. Great2BGrand
    Great2BGrand says
    27 November 11, 4:36pm

    That’s such an inspiring story!!

  3. GRANDer16
    Mrs.ICON says
    26 February 12, 1:34am

    My school life has had the one of the biggest impacts on my life. In first through third grades i was kind of the person thatdidnt understand school at the time and I had some good and some bad. When fourth grade hit, that was when I felt like I wzs in middle school. I was starting to know what people thought of me and sometimes I would offer my time to others and they either laughed and made fun of me and that was the turning point to my education. I would go home and lock myself in my room and cry until I went to bed. I would be soo upset sometimes I would even move my desk in the classroom and I would refuse to have a partner even if there was one person who came to the isolated desk I made myself.l (this was also in a public school) When it was time to go to fifth grade I knew almost everyone and EVERYONE knew me. I always felt like I needed to have everyone like me and I knew. That was never going to be possible. My fifth grade teacher was a half and half supportive teacher. She taught my oldest brother,me, and my youngest sister. She knew that I was going to need help and I would have to go in the mornings,during lunch, and sometimes after school and I felt like I was like a pencil that didn’t know how to write and I got through fifth grade prteey beastly academically. Now here comes sixth grade. It was my first day going to private school.I was one of the only colored people in my grade and I still am. I am and was new andsixth grade treated me like a tray of leftover lunchmeat. I was not used to how fast they learned and I was not fully focused. It was the first day of school. And I wad the only person sitting at my table. A pretty small and petiet girl came over to my table and said”Hi., (not real name) my name is Suzie Mae” she held out her hand and I was not so frightened. As the year went by I found out that I knew almost the WHOLE SCHOOL and I even knew a lot of the lower schoolers. Everyone describel me as outgoing, daring and a strong person. I had like a billion schedule changes and I cried when I didn’t get some of my extra-carricular class’s I wanted but I knew it was that I had to do it for my educational sake, during summer I had every other day of tutoring. And it was helpful but I still wanted to have fun with my friends. Now that I’m in seventh grade I know how to be proud of the external help I’m getting, Im trying to express myself to the new sixth graders and I also know that I can go through any trial If I stay positive.:) terribly sorry it was soon long!!!!

  4. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    21 April 12, 12:51am

    i know how that feels :( i started getting bullied in 5th and got a lot worse in 6th, to the point i didn’t want to go to school. and to make it worse it was my “friends” who bullied me and this one chic i never knew. When i heard Vinny’s story i wished i stuck up for myself.:( he inspired me to be GRAND and help other kids like us stop bullying! XD

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