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I overcome

Some may say that this isn’t relevant to Vinny and how he’s inspired me, but it truly is. A couple of weeks ago I was pulled out of school for who knows why. I was brought to an office where they asked me questions about my family situation and if anything has happened to me, physically and/or emotionally over the years. I was confused and scared. I was finally told what had happened which was, my mother had physically abused my sister, and she had called the police. I was immediately taken away from my home, no questions asked, and moved into a foster home. As for my sister, she’s in the hospital. Every day, I would come home from school and cry and just… cry. Everyone asked me questions about what happened and it became so stressful. How does Vinny come into this? Well, I decided to log into standgrand.com one day and i read his story. How he was bullied and beat up for all those years. Put down for going after his dream. And then… it said that he overcame all of that and did not let it all affect him. He stood GRAND after all those stressful years. He made me realize that times may be tough but I can overcome it all as long as I stand GRAND or in other words, don’t let it all affect me and stand tall, because i’m better than that. Also, whenever i’m feeling upset or mad I overcome it by dancing. I turn my radio on and just.. dance. Sure, I may not be the best dancer EVER. But, it helps me relax and calm myself. I don’t cry anymore. I don’t let the stress get to me. He taught me that everything happens for a reason. Without his haters, he wouldn’t be as motivated as he is today. He’s standing tall and instead of falling he’s rising and getting better each and every day. As for me, I am with a better family now and I don’t have to live a life full of lies. I am happier now. I should be. I am. Thank you Vinny, you are my inspiration and I love you!


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  1. jessxxGRANDxx
    jessxxGRANDxx says
    10 October 11, 3:52pm

    Im so sorry this honestly made me want to cry, i really hope things are going better for you now<3

  2. *GRANDforLife*
    Stay Grand....Stay Iconic Forever says
    16 October 11, 11:15pm

    I am so so so sorry! I hope that you are doing better know(: God bless you and your sister <3

  3. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    02 May 12, 8:35pm

    i’m sorry for you and your sister! God Bless the both of you! I nearly cried when i read this, you shouldn’t have gone threw that, you and your sister. did you ever get to see her again?

  4. Unknown
    Unknown says
    07 January 13, 9:56pm

    This is so sad. I hope you feel better.YOU inspire me along with Cenz.

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