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Being different is GRAND

When I heard Vinny was bullied. It brought back so many flashbacks. Horrible painful flashbacks. When I was 4 years old, my Mother died due to a drive-by shooting in my neighborhood. That’s when my Father started drinking. He would abuse me daily. When I talked, if I didn’t talk. The thing is, he didn’t know what he was doing. My teachers would see the bruises and cuts but would never say anything. They wouldn’t dare too. It went on for about 4 years. & I could still show you the cigarette burns. On the side, girls at my school weren’t afraid to speak up. The one girl who used to be my BFF turned her back on me. What a friend, right? Anyways, she told everybody about my Father… and eventually they started calling me a druggie. Some boy went up to me and even asked me for drugs! The nerve of some people. Those 4 years still give me nightmares. The worst part is…….I watched my Mother die. I was too small to do anything about it, but I still feel it’s my fault. I could’ve told somebody right? But since I wasn’t like everybody else, they treated me different. I’ve had pencils, books, even rocks thrown at me…. I’d run home crying. I’ve ran away about 3 times, and I still get things thrown at me sometimes. But I just have to think of Vinny….. and then and there…..I walk away. I used to think being different was a dreadful thing, but it’s not. And I’ve realized that. Thanks to you! I love you Vinny! STAND GRAND! <3


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  1. maddy billybob
    maddy billybob says
    19 October 11, 7:29pm

    thats amazing

  2. *GRANDforLife*
    *I AM GRAND*(: says
    20 October 11, 9:55pm

    I am so sorry! Hope things are going better for you! And always remember, when you STAY GRAND, YOU STAY ICONIC! (:

  3. Lauryn
    lauryn says
    21 October 11, 7:22pm

    awwwwwwh im hoping that ur okay!!:) ur really a GREAT person and all you gotta do is STAND GRAND ;)

  4. GRANDerICONiac13
    GRANDerICONiac13 says
    28 October 11, 8:34pm

    AWWWWW! Im so sorry you had to go through that. im so sorry that your BFF turned her back on you. Some ppl are not real freinds, and i guess she wasn’t a freind. some freinds/people are fake. im really sorry for what happened im hoping you are doing better:) but always remember tooo…..STAND GRAND!!!! also – BE ICONic :) <3333333333333


  5. LeahLovesNutella
    LeahLovesNutella says
    05 November 11, 10:59am

    people like you inspire me<3 Stand GRAND ! ;)

  6. ecoprincess
    ecoprincess says
    21 April 12, 12:45am

    i’m sorry about you mother. i know how it feels when a so called “friend” stabs in you in the back. happened to me in 6th grade. rumors were spread about me and then people started bullying me. it was horrible and i came home in tears. plus i was alone for the rest of the school year till someone stood up for me. i’m very grateful for the person who stood up for me. Now i just keep my head held high and ignore the insults form my “friends” about me not going to a normal school ( i go to an eraly college program) *smart-gal* ;p

  7. Ashley Castronovo12345
    18 July 12, 4:01pm

    This is legit really late haha but I’m crying and all that happens to me right now I get bullied by people and this taught me to never to give up and stand up for myself!!! I love you Bianca and Vinny so inspirational

  8. Unknown
    Unknown says
    07 January 13, 9:53pm

    Oh my goodness…

    You are THE strongest person I have ever heard of.

    I hope things are better for you, now, and if not, they WILL get better. Trust me. My rough spot is still going on now, and has been for many months, but things have improved recently, and I know that it will only go up from here. Things will improve for you.

    You are so inspirational.


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